Auto Flower Males?

I just read where Auto Flowers can come up male and I sure didn’t realize that…Has anyone had that happen?


Males are known to auto. regardless of whether they came from a photo period strain or not. in most cases this would signify weakness and most would not breed with them. but with some strains its almost unavoidable to keep males from autoing so they must be contained or killed. if your other plants have flowers you should move it to another area.

A tote with some CFLs and a sligtly bigger pot is all youll need to flower him off and get plenty of pollen should you choose.


Thanks for the info… I just hope I don’t have one pop up…

Hey no problem my friend.


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Do you know how much peroxide to use per gallon of water for root rot?

I would use anywhere between 4 - 8 milligrams should be fine


Do you know what that would be in teaspoon or tablespoon measurements? Thanks for your time…

5ml is a teaspoon…15ml is a tablespoon