Auto flower male

I have a autoflower that I think turned male from stress will it produce good seeds and will they be female

the male will not produce seeds it will polinate your female plants which will produce seeds.

you wont know what sex the seed will have until you grow them. normally nature does a 50/50 or slightly in the female majority…best chance of survival…

if you have female autos flowering chances are you will keep the auto trait. if they are fem or regular females you wont know if the auto trait was strong enough to be passed. so here too you will only know until you grow the seed.

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I would try and collect some pollen that’s not very common


Were these feminized or regular?

Put up a pic if you can.

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Is it a herm? If so, it’s not good for anything. Seeds produced will also be herms.

Not always @TEGRITY … it’s a recessive trait as a feminized plant is they might he prone to stress but they aren’t doomed from the starting line

Really, good to know! I was under the impression that they would be herm. Guess I made a boo boo. Thanks @fano_man !

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Its possible… something as simple as barometric pressure swings from being indoor and haveing a exhaust fan kicking on and off apposed to running slow and constant for constant positive ir negative pressure… that’s next to impossible to detect as new growers… just something that simple can trigger it so it’s hard to point out exact culprit to flip em… I prefer to use regular seeds at 250+ seeds I’ve had only 6 males 0 herms… and I have germinated and ang grown in maaaany different locations and methods so I gotta chock it up to regulars being super stable not herming…cuz I’ve never had one