Auto flower light schedule

wanted to know the max number of hrs to leave the lights on ?

In reality you could leave lights on 24 hours a day if you wanted. Cannabis is a plant that doesn’t actually require a dark period. I personally run mine 18 on 6 off (18/6) to help the power bill, but I am also running 600w HID lighting.

This topic is always a fun one with a very simple answer do you like to work all day every day? are you more productive and less easily stressed when given a some time to sleep?
Well imo plants need at least some dark time auto or not 20/4 18/6 plants do have both dark and light processes cannabis is just a good multi tasker so will do most things in light. Think of it as you have a limitted work force when the lights are on they are gathering energy storing energy building leaves and roots while running a bucket parade from the roots to bring nutrients and water to the leaves for photosynthisis. Turn those lights off no more bucket parade frees up the workers to build

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18/6 - auto’s need sleep just like us. know folks that grow auto’s on a 12/12 cycle with great results. Some well know breeder’s even use a 20/4 cycle . most use 18/6

I have my White Widow autoflowers under continuous light.
I started out 20/4 but found I needed more control over humidity and temp.
Next grow I’ll get dehumidifier because I want to grow photos.
They are growing well.

I started week one 24/0 , than week two 20/4 , week three 18/6 for two weeks . After week 4 your auto’s should begin to stretch and pre-flower , but not always depending on grow setup and strain . But after week 4 on 18/6 I switch to 16/8 for two weeks , than 14/10 two weeks and than 10/14 . The reason why I did this light schedule , because intense light will decrease THC when lights are on and plants build more resin in dark hours . So the longer you extend your dark hours , the more crystals and sticky your buds get , and it triggers the plant to go into flower sooner . You can follow my thread "First time growing Auto blueberry and Amnesia haze .


The finish quality of the light schedule on an Amnesia Haze auto .


Great looking results !!! We learn something new after each grow and therefore one’s next grow is all ways better than the last

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Yes , but it’s a Haze , very good quality , but no body lock at all , a very good smoke to get your day started .

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