Auto flower jack herer

I have 2 supposed jack herer auto Flowers, that I planted 90 days ago, I have had a few issues, first I had fungus knats, and tried to get rid of them with hydrogen peroxide in the water. I then burned them by adding nutrition to the next watering. They are slowly recovering from the burn. I can see new growth, but they are not flowering and they are 90 days old, I should be harvesting them. Any suggestions or recommendations on what I should do with them? Neither one is very big about 12" tall. Can post a pic later, but just some idea of what to do would be great.

I’m sorry to say these don’t sound like an auto flip them to 12/12 and if in next 14 days you see pistils she’s a photoperiod

Pictures would help us help you.

It’s rare that an auto will go so long without flowering. I question whether or not it is a photo plant too. The longest I’ve seen an auto go is 12 weeks and I think that was a one off. Most will flower sometime between 4 and 7 weeks.

Growers will sometimes put an auto through a few days of 12/12 to goose them to go ahead and flower.

You won’t want to harvest an immature plant. There are very few trichomes on fan leaves. Trichomes contain the good stuff (THC, CBD, terpines, and other cannabinoids.)

3 months old I don’t think they were autoflowers maybe change light cycle

My first guess is that yoi are running long light schedule too. But 12" tall plants at 90 days old doesn’t sound like you would want to flower fight now anyway.

He has pictures in another topic. But its from May 22nd so not a current photo.

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