Auto flower in So. Florida

Is starting auto-flower outdoor beginning of October in South Florida too soon? If so, when would be the best time?

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Beauty of a auto flower is there really is no wrong time u wanna do autos in the beginning of summer to maximize your photo period since the plant will flower when it’s ready instead of needing the say light hours to be 12.15 or less to begin flowering auto flower will bud under 24 hours light… ur asking a question for a photo period plant in which yes it’s way late to plant

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So how does one grow photoperiod plants outdoors in a place like Miami where the longest day of 2019 was 13 hours 45 minutes from sunrise to sunset?

Well ur talking to the right guys cuz I’m in fort lauderdale but once our days pass 12 hours and 15 mi utes of daylight ( spring time … April may… u start them they won’t flower until they are sexually mature so if u plant right at the end of the i
Outdoor flower season and start your plants inside and transplant to outside at beginning of spring u will have a jump start and will have absolute monsters by the time this time of year comes around… were about at fall right now which is our signal to commence flowering in nature in soflo…

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U can start a plant inside now grow it during fall and winter then put it outside ull have 10 footers

I am in central Florida and we are just now getting close to 12 hours of daylight.

I would say that’s a good time as Florida’s rainy season is spring and summer mostly well its year round lol but worst around then … so when u do out door you have to be dedicated if a deluge comes u gotta almost keep em out the rain in flower or ur risking bud rot …out door in florida… bugs and rain alone are crazy to deal with with out trained eyes bugs will be a problem so do insect research

Rainy season in south Florida is easier to predict. As a matter of fact,you can almost set your watch by the afternoon rains. Bad news is that it is from say august to early october.

Yea so your fine over rain is better in veg then in flower that’s for sure I’m sure it will slow down rain by the t im me she starts flowering …its almost oct already… Nov. I believe is the end of hurricane season so were getting close that gives u 4 weeks of worry free growing then budding in November December and have some good old fashion Christmas bud

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