Auto flower ILGM nutrients stage 3 (plant booster) question

First time grow. Indoor tent ILGM white widow autos with fox farm and ILGM nutes. Confused on when/if to use the stage 3 plant booster? In the website it says use in last stages of veg then on their nute chart it has it way down in late weeks. Which is it for autos? Chart looks to be for photo period plants. Pictures for reference and current plants @ end of week 4

Autos and photos are fed the same, with the exception that autos can be more sensitive to high levels of nutes.


I should add that relying on manufacturer recommended amounts isn’t really a good way to measure nutes. The best way to manage nute levels is to get yourself a PPM meter and feed as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000. I would start by following the schedule recommendations and then adjusting as necessary to maintain that target PPM.


Awesome, thank you for the insight. I’ll probably end up feeding the plant booster at half strength and see how they do then start on the flowering nutes accordingly

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Sounds like a great plan. If you want a PPM meter, then Apera is pretty much the standard for precision and reliability. Bluelab also makes great meters.

I’ll check that out. I swear I have every damn meter there is(Lux,Par/ppmd, temp, humidity, PH) EXCEPT for the ppm. Haha. Time to invest

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I use these nutrients and i usually only use the booster at the end of the grow and normally only once.

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That’s how I read the chart. Looked like it’s supposed to be at the end. But the website says use it to “induce” early flower. Confusing

Auto Flowers will flower when they want to. To induce early flowering would be for plants that are not Auto Flowering. (Photo-Period)
The other thing i don’t like about that chart is the ph. I keep my ph around 6.8 in soil. 6.2 -6.5 is too close to the borderline. You run the risk of a cal/mag def.


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By the way, nice start!

They are about to the explosive growth phase.

You’ve got this!

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Thank you for the chart and info. I’ve ph’d my water/nutes around 6.5 with every watering

Thx!! Finger’s :crossed_fingers:

Have you checked your runoff? Because what you put in isn’t exactly what the ph of the soil is. Most of the time you have to balance what goes in with what your grow medium is reading. Although your plants look really healthy. But the real truth comes out when they start to flower. So keep an eye on that.