Auto flower how many weeks do I need to let it flower and finish

How many weeks does an auto flower actually flower for? Same as the same strain that’s not an auto version

Go by your trichomes under magnification. I grow by feel and I know what I want my buds to look like. But if you use a loupe under 60-90x u will see them. Depending on the high u want will determine when to harvest. The more clear they are the more of a head high. The more amber trichs will be more of a couch lock, hope this helped and welcome. Lots of knowlege on this forum. Here is something that might help as well best of luck.


InFlower 8-10 weeks, maybe more. Its depends envoierment, medium, light etc…

There’s no way to tell, every strain, every plant is different.


I don’t have a microscope yet still waiting . They started pre flowering exactly a month ago, but already like 30% of the white hairs are orange and autos don’t give much weight from what I understand… so it’s mango and I’ve read 9-11 weeks for the regular mango not the auto so do autos generally take same amount as the non autos

Ya I was gonna shoot for 8-9 weeks and signs of first leaves dying, if my microscope doesn’t arrive in a month I’m cutting on the 9 week mark Nov 20th says 9 to 11 weeks on Leafly and I got a whole month so we shall see if there’s buds plump up more the next four weeks more than they did the first 5 weeks , I hope that’s the case cause it don’t look like much right now,

can you upload a photo?


I saw many autos trichombs dont go amber. But maybe its not go all autos. But these hybrids take 100-120 days average. You can push veg nutes to go longer vegging. @Screwauger if i remember right had do that and get monster auto plants, but he has good equipment and i think skills too. Maybe he can suggest something? :face_with_monocle:
Upload some pic. we can see beautys.


    October 25

can you upload a photo?

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I’ve grown a few auto’s, I’ve not seen one that did not have amber trichomes.

Best bet is to read the plants/trichs.
You don’t need a microscope, just a cheap jewlers loop or magnifier with at least 60x magnification.
I have a cheapo I got on amazon and it works great has 60x and 90x

That plant looks to have a few week yet just based on pistils @jose2019

You can go by the hairs as a ball park. But they should be more around 70% red from my experience. Ive never heard of a cannabis plant not having trichomes so not sure about that? With that being said I dont have to a microscope, i dont use one either. I use a jewlers loupe from the big A for about $10. Mine has 30,60 and 90x but if looking at trichomes i use the 60 and 90x. And make sure u look at the trichs on the bud not the leaves. But i would say you have 2-3 weeks left as a guess cuz i forgot how far along they are lol sorry. Hope that rambling helped