Auto flower helppp


Hi I have 2 autos ak47/ny diesel the tops of my plants looks ready and some of my bottom stems would it hurt and affect the rest if I was to cut dry and cure them?


Yes it would. Auto plants don’t take well to stress. I would leave well enough along ne



The company I got the from said from seed to harvest 10 weeks and I’m on 9 weeks and 3 days?


I have Candy Cane auto and it says 7 weeks and I am on my 8th week and trichomes still look clear.


Just about any website you order from gives you those dates and timelines under absolute perfect circumstances… Medium…humidity…temp… Co2…and so many other determining factors… Of you have anything less then perfect it will take a bit longer… Only way to be exact on harvest with any strain… Auto…fem… Reg… Is trichomes…Amber cloudy clear


I have a few brown hairs already my plant looks perfect and I don’t want to over do it I have a few white hairs left but that’s it the top cone looks like a perfect bud to roll and smoke lol



Not true ! Sorry

Follow this link and from the top. Scroll down 11 posts I have a post there that you should read.



That’s from the Bible is I’m not mistaken… And I’ve read that before but I was under the understanding that is still not as exact on ripeness? I’m asking cause I honestly thought that was fact unless I wouldn’t have posted that… I’m not that much of a asshole :joy:



Never said or claimed you were sir…!
I have had that in my reseach file for some time and I don’t believe it’s from the bible.
But it only give’s the grower another way to determine harvest. I’ve used it myself .



I know just messing around sir… Lol


All’s good my friend all good…lol