Auto flower harvest

Some how an auto flower came with my feminized seed order. It’s gotta be- it’s been flowering for a few wks now and my others are just now starting to flower.
My question is can you tell by the picture of it’s ready for harvest… it seems to still be growing and the leaves, I noticed today are just starting to turn yellow. Thanks


No where near harvest buddy you want 80% dark pistils then start watching tirchomes in my opinion 6 to 8 weeks to go still


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Yup I’d give it about 3.5-5 weeks till finish


how do these look at week 10

These are Jack Herer autos, they have been grown in soil outside and average 4 foot high.

TBH the same advice as before

by the looks of it you still have 2, 3 maybe even a month left looking good though

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Thanks you guys. Appreciate it.
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