Auto flower grower

Okay so i have a auto flower in the 5th week of flower when should i exspect to harvest . it a seedmans girl scout cookies.

this picture was taken at the 4th week of flower

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First there’s really no way to say with absolute certainty, regardless of what seed company suggest. Because that’s what it is just a generic guideline. First watch your pistles, they will start to have a rust color and start to recede into flower. Once you see this start you will need to start checking trichomes. If you don’t have a loupe or usb microscope then you should get at least x60 loupe. Depending on what you are interested in as far as effect . Your highest level of thc is when trichomes are at or near 100% cloudy. Once they start turning amber the more couch lock effect you will get. If your girls are at 5 weeks then you most likely have at least 3 or more weeks to go.

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Thank you