Auto flower grow Journal



A bit late on the decision to start my own little grow journal but here we go! About one week after sprouting.

Super bloody skunk auto

Strain; Super bloody skunk auto
Soil in pots, coco perlite
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Don’t know
What is strength of nutrient mix? Going to be using general hydroponics floronova
Indoor: 2x4 tent
Light system, 4 foot, 4 bulb t5
Temps; Around 75
Humidity; N/A
Ventilation system; just 1 6 inch fan inside tent
Co2; No


What are the gentics of bkoody skunk?


Not sure. I knew what it was but forgot…


I got it as a freebie from an order I placed a few months back and recently decided it would be a cool experiment among the other 7 or 8 plants I got going in different phases…

In the spring I plan to have 6 autos and 6 photoperiods outside which I will start all at the same time (late March?) so that the autos will be done at least 2 or 3 weeks before the photos start to flower in order to stay in ratio…

So this is my first little experience with an auto. Normally I love to lollipop, top, super crop and tie everything down like crazy but all I intend to do with autos is one simple tie down to the side for middle exposure… no damage to the plant or trimming at all.

Just for kicks, here is a picture of an ILGM bubblegum plant that didn’t make the cut for my bloom tent. Topped, supercropped, lollipops and tied down last night. Still really don’t know what I’m doing with her but she’s a beautiful plant… 5 gal pot…


I have a grape phyno of a skunk#1 that is 3rd, call it “drunk skunk” when we cut this stuff whole room smells like concord grapes. And in fall when it starts getting cooler turns nice purple and reds…


@Walt80 @Familyman420

Sweet Skunk Auto and a Red Poison.

Nice Bubblegum :grinning:

Good start with Bloody Skunk, I wish you a great and healthy growth

~Al :v: :innocent:


Hey @Walt80 welcome to the forums! Don’t think I’ve seen you before.

I think this is going to be an issue for you. Do you have a pH Meter?

Apera Meter

just ph meter

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

1500ppm Calibration Fluid for TDS Meter

7.0 calibration fluid for pH meter

I own the yellow meter and it works just fine.


I appreciate the concern but that’s the one thing I have not dove into yet (ph). Just never had an issue before. Must be lucky!


You should play the lottery.

#1 leading cause of growing issues is mismatched pH.

Best wishes in your grow!


@bob31 has given you some very good advice, playing the PH is one of the most important things to keep in check. You do realize that you said “never had an issue before” is going to end up haunting you right lol Good luck with your grow.


I harvest my Bloody Skunk Auto 6 months ago. It was part of my second grow. It had beautiful purple sticky buds and was a great smoke. Plan on doing another one. Mine was a freebie as well. I had no problems with the grow. Good luck with yours and welcome.


Thanks @HJL what light did you use?


At that time I was using 5 x 23 watt 5000k CFL’s in a home made grow bucket.


Should I assume my 4 bulb t5 will do a good job?


CFL’s and t5’s are great for seedlings and veg because the have a high blue spectrum. The are not so good for flowering where you need more of a red spectrum. That’s why I now have a flower only tent with mostly red spectrum LED lights. My Bloody Skunk Auto grew fine under the CFL’s from veg to harvest but I would have had a better yield if I used my current set up.


Yeah, unfortunately my flower tent in my basement is set up for 12/12 cycle with 400w hps so I figure it’s a no go for the auto…


How old is your auto?


I do not know anything about hps lights so I can’t comment but if my autos are not flowering by week 4 or 5 I move them to my 12/12 flowering tent with LEDs.


Why? Unless your in a hurry. I had one auto that didn’t want to flower, so I let her go close to 8 weeks before forcing flower. Produced a HUGE auto! :wink:


8 days from sprout…