Auto Flower Grow - AK 47 & White Widow


Getting back into another indoor grow.
Started 6 AK 47 seeds & 3 White Widow.
Dropped into water on Friday July 28th.
100% germination! ILGM genetics are top notch!

Planted them in Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Willd @Nug-bug @MattyBear


Very Nice! Let the party begin!


I will be watching this… I also grow one ak47 auto (3-4 weeks before harvest - I hope) and new baby same strain (12days old)


Please tag me in your grow.
I’ll be taking notes :slight_smile:


I mess up my plant… :joy: but I hope to get at least 1oz :joy:


Hell yeah! I just harvested an AK47 auto so if you have any questions holler at me bud!


You have a thread on that? I mess up my ak47 because I don’t wait the guys answer to my questions. When it’s day to me, it’s night to them :joy::joy::joy:(+2 GMT)


I didn’t do a journal on that one but I posted about it in my outdoor greenhouse journal


Find it! I will read it soon :slight_smile:


What time is it for you now?


6 am and the sun is awaking! :wink::sun_with_face::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise:



Following along with this one!

8:30pm for us West Coasters



Here is a link to my journal on auto’s i think you’ll find it helpful

Will passing-joint-smiley-emoticon


Where do you get this images @garrigan62 passing-joint-smiley-emoticon48
Them are awesome :joy:



I can’t give up all my secrets…lol

but you can copy them to your files to use. just not this one ok he’s mine ok



Ok @garrigan62 ok just this is yours :wink: ok lol now I’m going to sleep whit a smile on my face!


This one joint

By the way. I have more on lights if you want.


Awesome. Thanks Will!


I don’t understand what you mean :joy:. Sorry


I sure will Matty
Thanks man!