Auto flower going from inside to outside grow

Got a thought wanted to know if I have them on 20/4 days ,and moving from inside to outside is they a chance of causing anything that could hurt them ,or cause them to flower sooner than needed.


Welcome to the community @Harryking they will flower when they are ready, I’ve read one grower will use 12/12 start to finish I think the biggest issue would be adding light suddenly after being cut back, just my 2 pennies. How old are they? Just curious

They went in the dirt April 15. So they are five weeks give or take. They have been topped. Oh yeah they are white widows. Me and a friend decided on trying to get 20 off. Had 9 that didn’t do nothing once they had tails. So started another ten to makeup while waiting on reimbursement. Got 40 on the ten and ten sale and have 10 more waiting to start after these are harvested. Will show pics once I get around them.

Autos should be fine

Just gotta be extra watchful for signs of pests and hope no one within about a mile has a male in flower.

Just be sure to harden them to noon sunlight by only letting them outside 6 hours a couple of days before doing a full transition

Thank you for responding but already went through that part just needing to find time to set them in the ground.

I think everyone has done their part but yeah I’m wondering if any was just set out and waiting on them to to show their identities. I’m a little worried about that but thanks for covering the bases.

Well all set out and since I didn’t make supersoil and planning on using worm castings, bone and blood meal along with banana peel dried and grounded. Anyone ever went this route. I also thrive and epsom salt when they was almost out of seedling stage. They done good with that.

Guess my question is how much can I use without burning them up.