Auto flower getting orange pistols on half?


Here’s the stats,

Auto flower OG Kush “Sensible seeds”
Soil “unknown brand:
Using a mix of organic dry amendments jobes 3-3-3, with super thrive and unsulphured molasses, with bills perfect grow 3 part bottled nutes, with floralicious plus"experimenting”.
Very short structured plant

Now I didn’t get this plant till a few weeks into flower because my friend didn’t want to deal with it no more, so I used it as a experiment plant trying different things on it.

Now half the plant is yellowing and getting brown pistols and the other half of the plant has deep green leaves and all white pistols, now is this a common thing ? Or can some 1 explain what’s happening, or is it just the other half is slower to develop, anyways thanks ahead time guys, thanks!!!




Do you know the soil
What it was fed/not fed ?
Have you tested run off ?

You definately gotta give us more info :slight_smile:

No clue on soil, guy said it’s bag from homedepot…
Run off is 6.7 to 6.8 “since I had the plant”
Feed 2 tables spoons blended into the top inch of soil of jobes bursting bloom with bio 3-3-3 , with 3ml micro, 1ml gro, 5ml bloom, bills preferect grow, with 1 ml of Gh floralicious plus,

Into 1 gallon of water
Plant in a 5gal container
All phed down to 6.8

Pics added to original post, … I thought I did the first time no clue why it didn’t take but I think I covered everything, any other info needed?

I’ll tag some people to help

@PurpNGold74 @Gremmall @GreenJewels @blackthumbbetty @Myfriendis410

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There is a light awfully close to that side.

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My og is doing the same right now, was wondering the same thing, mine is going on 11 weeks from seed

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Thanks for the tag @Bluedonut09
@Ryansway Have you checked PPM’s of run off? I like @blackthumbbetty observation. That was my first thought…the light. I’ve had pistils and leaves brown from being too close to a light. Not saying that’s what it is for sure, just something I’d check into. What lights are you using? I’m sure the forum here will help get it figured out. Nice to meet you :v::green_heart:


I’m using a series of 2700, 6500 cfl, with a couple of 2700 flood lights, figured if I could get good at growing with cfl then I’ll invest into a good cob or quantum board, I’m not sure yet, and I belive the last run off was at 500 ppm, but it I water with around 400 ppms, so I was at a loss for how half a plant develops faster then the other half… New to me