Auto flower for pain

I am looking for a auto flower strain for pain but I don’t want couch lock . I also suffer from PTSD but my dog. And gun keep it in check so I don’t get real paranoid. Anyone have any recommendations? I really want to stick with an auto flower as I am new at this as far as growing not using. Lol. .

Heres a link to the seed bank so you can do some research

The blueberry auto os a good medical strain high cdb
You can control the amount of couch lock bu watching your tricombes
All milky and or cloudy thc is at its peak
More amber the higher the cbd and couch

Thank you very much. It’s nice to know I can control it with now knowing when to harvest.

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Sure thing that the best way to determine harvest time as well @Painfree
Whether your growing autos or photos beans
Ill start watching my tricombes once i have 80% of my pistols turn brown/red

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