Auto flower first grow

So I have an auto silver bullet in FFOF soil…harvest approx 70 days from seed. I’m 21 days in. FFOF supposedly feeds 21-28 days. I have the foxfarm trio (grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom) nutes. Can and should I give nutes after 21 days?

Yupp, I would! Check your girls and see if she looks hungry.
Start with 1/4 to 1/2 doses of the recommended feeding. Don’t use any tiger bloom yet, that’s for flower.

@ktreez420 I will try 1/4 strength see how it takes to it this next watering which is in about 5-6 days. Theyr in 5 gallon fabric pots so I water once a week so not to over water. However in about 1-2 more days the top couple inches will be dry but lots moisture below this. Should I still be watering then?

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I had that problem as well when I was growing in soil. Top layer would get dry but the bottom half would still be wet. I would wait until the bottom dried out until I watered again.
But, I always had problems in soil and only really had one good harvest from soil. I know it’s because I wasn’t good with correcting pH in my soil, but maybe my choice for watering was a factor as well. I was using normal nursery pots though, so water drainage wasn’t the best to begin with!

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Appreciate the input. I’m gonna follow the watering advice, and just go slow with the nutes. Lil over 50 days til harvest so I wanna be careful with the nutes especially…would I take total approximate time left off of the feeding schedule and start there for nutes? Or around what week of the schedule should I start at IYO…?

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You said it’s 21 days into veg, correct? So if I were you, I’d go with the week 3 or week 4 feeding.

Awesome. Thanks I’ll go with that. @ktreez420