Auto flower Bruce Banner turning Hermie :(

Looks like my plant is deciding to go hermie on day 102. Any ideas on what I can do to save it? Sucks to have it do this in the last week before harvest.


I would just pluck it off or leave it ,no seeds will form in a week .


It looks like you mite have nitrogen toxicity from the dark green color of the leaves that could cause enough stress too make it hermit


She’s sprouting nanners, not the same as a hermie plant. You can pluck them off as @Hashtonbutcher says, I’ve had to do it before on a Bruce Banner auto. Any seeds that are produced will be feminized autos too. I’ve found 7 seeds in mine so far!

Hermie plants have definite balls just like a male, and that pollen will produce regular seeds that could carry the hermie trait. This far along tho, if she had balls, you could spray with a bit of water to make the pollen inert, then castrate. But she’ll make it to harvest!


I had bananas on a Bruce Banner photo and an LSD Auto flower, both stress-induced. They formed with about 2 to 3 weeks left until Harvest, and not a single seed in either plant. It’s really too late in the game to worry about anything happening with it now.

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I have been there, just tweeze them out. I had a few that I plucked. No seeds no worries :blush::v:

Move to better genetics that don’t hermie ,what genetics are you running