Auto flower beginner

hello there,i find lots and lots of interesting and helpful things in here but is my first time growing any kind of seed and i want all of your help :slight_smile:
So i bought auto flower somango or sumango seeds and im planning to grow her in a large pot outdoor in about 1 month,because i want to gather all the information and products i need for(i want as few chemical products or only biologic) !!
For now i have only the seeds and simple soil and a simple lamp of 50W(im planning to use lamp until to grow a little and get strong,then i will take her with the pot outside…
Feel free to help me thank you :smiley:


…seeds, simple soil, simple lamp. My advice to you if you expect the plant to produce anything viable is to read, read, read this forum. The reality is, just because this plant has been cultivated for thousands of years, it is really not that “simple” to grow.
Sure it’s just a weed; it’s just that if you don’t put more time and effort into the grow, you may find yourself growing a plant that produces nothing but nasty tasting green duff. Sure these comments don’t apply to everyone, but they DO seem to apply to most of us beginners.

Read up, do some research, and go grow some buds (viable ones)!

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Yep, I’d agree. Find The Grow Bible available on this site and read it through. Once you have soe specific questions people here will be able to help more.

For starters, going outdoors will eliminate a lot of the complications. A 50 watt light, provided it’s not just an old incandescent, should get you through the first fewweeks to going outside.


@Greasemonkey @PhantomFarmer i know its not a simple job thats why im here searching for more and more, i already read a lot of stuff here so my question is: when the seed is ready im gonna mix it with soil and special seed soil? And what nutritiens i must buy(food)
Thank you!

@miltos you have your seed. So, here is what I would do. There are many other ways, this one is mine.

I would germinate the seed in a paper towel. The second it cracks open, I’d put it in a peat pellet (a little peat disc that expands when you water it). Keep it warm and just slightly damp, usually under some kind of clear cover, until it breaks our of the soil. Since you’re going outdoors, I’d then plant the whole thing into a 4 or 6 inch pot. I would use miracle grow potting soil. Many here disagree and prefer other brands.

Then just keep it under enough light and correctly watered until you’re ready to go outside. At that point, put it outdoors in it’s pot for one hour in a shady spot. The next day go for a few hours and a little dirext sun. Increase time and sun exposure daily for a week or so and then transplant it outdoors permanently.

Hopefully that will get you started.


@PhantomFarmer thank you for your time !

I never heard the peat pellet method so far and it sound interesting :slight_smile:
im planning to give it 24/24 hours of 50W and spray the root or leaves when open up until i get her strong.
At this point im starting the 1 hour shady spot u said and continue give her lamp light? or just take her inside without lights or sunlight’s until the full week procedure is done ?

@miltos , yes, you’ll continue giving it your indoor light. What you’re doing is hardening the plant off to outdoor sun, wind and environment. Start with an hour or so in the shade the first day and gradually increase it over a week or so.

On the peat pellets, it’s just my method. I soak them and then squeeze the water out before I plant the seed. Remember the roots need oxygen so a totally soaked medium will kill them. The idea for me is that I can use the MIracle Grow potting soil with nutrients because the roots will emerge through the peat pellet slowly once the plant is mature enough to handle them. Many growers disagree with this method but it works for me.

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Hello and welcome to the growers club, you got pretty much as much as I had when I started, as lond as the yound plant end up outdoor in sun, you should not need any other equipment…
Got you covered exceptionally well, you are in great caring hands…
Happy growing !


I’ve grown photo seeds from ILGM, but ordered auto this time, so I’m in the same boat as you.

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@Ragnar hey there and thank you for your feedback, to be honest im not stop asking around until the very end :joy::joy:
Im so confused so, because here in my country we dont have those brands of soil you all most likely have there! Or nutrients and food for the plan…
So can anyone tell me what ingredients my soil and food for plant a want?! If its necessary though…? Thank you guy’s! @EarlyPearl

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I’m a cheap grower. I have Lowes potting soil, Fox Farms Trio pack, epsom salt, PH tester and neem oil that’s all I use with good results.Do you have access to any of these things? I grow for my family and share with a few friends when they come over. Eggs shells, worms, coffee grounds are some natural items that you can put in your soil.


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Familyman420 @PhantomFarmer @Ragnar @Greasemonkey @EarlyPearl @Hogmaster
Hey grow lovers ! after a research at my local bio grow shops i found lots of popular brands for soil,nutrients and pots.

So for nutrients which brand provides the best results of these

  • Advanced Nutrients-BioBizz-Canna-BioCanna -

For soil im thinking for BioBizz All mix from the time i will plant her till the end. ( some other options is Bio terra,Terra prof, Bio nova)

For the Pot choice im thinking for Fabric 11L :slight_smile:

Reminder: 2 or 3 weeks indoor and then im take her outside in a pot of 11L

Also for the nutrients by choosing a brand i want to know winch ones specifically i must take for example BioGrow and BioBloom for all the phase of the plant or i must add another one ?
Thank you once again !!


I have never used either. I would recommend that you look up each companies website and do some research. Most will have a “big three” nutrients. They will also have charts on how much to use at specific ec/ TDS. I would also compare the prices between the two and make an informed decision @miltos

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Nope, you’ve left me in the dust. Miracle grow and a hole in the ground is as complicated as I get.

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When i start the procedure i will send pictures also in order to guide me through this☺️

Also someone in the forum said distilled water his girl for the first weeks is that a good idea?

Okay man thank you!

Most give their plants just plain water until the cotyledon, the small round leaves, begin to yellow and or fall off.

@Dieselgrower so plain water with 6.5~7 pH is okay from the start till the end or after the cotyledon fall i must use distilled water?

If tap water is used most people let it sit out for a day or 2. Distilled water is fine to use as well. Just make sure it is ph’d to what medium you are using.

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@Dieselgrower when the seed germinate im planning to put it in the 11L with the special soil etc, how much water i must give her and how often?

Its my first time