Auto flower beginner need help

Hey first grow!!! Experiencing some problems, planted six plants auto candy canes under a 710 Led watt light "true wattage " 480 watts. Day 11 from planting in soil second set of true leaves are here growth stunted and plants are dark green. I planted in Happy frog mixed with half promix. Please help

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Do you have any photographs? Height of lights? Ph? How frequently are you watering/feeding? Light cycle you’re using?

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Yes will upload now

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I was using 20/4 , changed the soil for them last night and mixed about 35% coco perlite with happy frog. Let soil run off ph of 6.2 the water was . Light is 36 inches high. Someone told me a nitrogen toxicity due to underwatering in hot soil so Ichanged their pots. They were not growing for the last 3 days.

I have never diven them nutes

If you transplanted to different pots it may just be stress of moving, nothing is showing that you have any real issues yet…6.2 is a lil high for a coco mix should be more like hydro ph 5.7ish

They are looking fine. They take, what seems like forever, to really get going. Over the next 11 days they will still be going slow. Once you see the first signs of flower they will really take off. My last batch of autos were starting to flower by week three.

Fifteen days old

About 2 1/2 weeks later.

About two weeks later.
As you can see the growth rate is rapid one they get established.


Your babies are putting down roots. They look good for 11 days & freshly transplanted.


Ok ty everyone for your time I will post some pics in a few weeks. When do you think I should start giving them nutes?


Your plants look super healthy, nice work. I don’t think you need to nute for a few weeks. I nuted too soon when I first grew autos and injured and burned my plants pretty good. Autos in general need less nutes than a photo plant - less is better.

My only caution is that those are big pots for little pants. Be careful watering - it’s a tricky balance between over and under watering when they are that small.

Ya she doesn’t like it when u nut too soon :sunglasses: