Auto Flower and DWC


Wanting to start a new grow. I have WW auto and was wondering does AF do well in DWC?


Yes auto flowers really explode in DWC , but you have to keep everything dialed inform start to finish . The fact the plant will veg and flower on its own , you have no room for errors are ph swings , heat stress , magnesium issues , nor phosphorus cause it will finish its life cycle in a set time schedule due to how the strain was bred being a hybrid .


What is DWC


Deep Water Culture, or DWC, it’s a hydroponic growing technique.


Thanks for the info. Im a first timer and I have been reading for days,shit has gotten technical. I have to reread shit over and overits overwhelming really but im not gonna give up


Good @4play, don’t give up, keep reading, keep learning. It will all pay off I promise you! I was in your shoes just a couple months ago! I’m a testament to hard work and lots of research and reading will get you extremely far! Also, this community is amazing and will help you tremendously! You’ll eventually look back on this and realize just how far you’ve truly come. Good luck, keep posting and asking questions!


Looks like I will need to stay in constant contact with everyone so my girls stay on tract. Everything I’ve looked at hydro is the way to go for better plants. Started soaking the seeds this morning. I’m using Foxfarm grow big and then big bloom for solution.


Should I consider scrogging?