Auto flower ? about age

I would like info on the life span of the auto flower I want to know if it is ok to just let her live the full life span seeing she should be less 4mo.

All autos have different growing lengths of times. You can tell its ready by the flowers on it. Are the hairs all red or 50-50? Get a magnifier that about 40 power or higher. The trichomes are they clear or turning dark?
Down load the free grow bible or read the guides here in the blog or guides.

thanks .Hairs are about 30% red to70%white I have a good idea what to look for I just wanted to know if I should let it live tell the fan leaves die off by there self I had read that I should let the plant just die off by it self. I know with reg plants it is possible to let them grow to long and will louse its potency and I don’t want that

you harvest by monitoring “trichomes”; Not red hairs.

You want to see that your trichomes are clear, 1st…Then as they get cloudy, and then start showing an amber color; You are close to your harvest date.

If you judge harvest by the red p[itils…You will harvest early; In general.

my auto flower well be 3 months old on Friday the 21st. so I got a x10 magnifying to get a good look at the crystals witch are still crystal clear thanks to your advice I know what to look for in color my ? is should I stop watering when the start to get cloudy or keep watering

Never stop watering until you see plant is ready. I would thing that having WW auto at 90 days and not ready; Is a gift. You see how it grows. :smiley:

Water with just pure PH’d water for greater taste. I am sure she will come around cloudy soon

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