Auto Fem Zkittlez, tent grow, cmh light, ffhf soil

Figured I’d contribute a little and share pictures of how my grow goes. I’ve taken pictures since germinated seedlings were put into soil. My plan is to check this regularly so feel free to contribute any comment/pictures of your own.

The one plant who’s days are tracked is a Purple Punch I tried germinating before my other seeds arrived. It was successful and really took off so I thought I’d keep it and see what it sexes to.


Looking good :+1:

Look good. Im new to growing but I’ve got a Sour D not too far from yours, im on day 9 above soil. Look similar in size. Going to tag along as id like to grow some Zkittlez. Happy growing!

Since it’s been about a week I thought I’d leave a few pictures on how they’re doing. Not sure what one of the plants leaves issues is, but seems to be doing alright. I think I may have planted them too low as seedlings, they seem a bit stretchy. Transplanted and seem healthy. Almost time for bites.