Auto fem critical purple mainline


Couple of flesh wounds getting a little close with them scissors lol I got a little trim happy as well first couple of stalks …man… I snatched some of my satellite room with my buddy he wouldn’t let me touch it till done and it’s done and …wow…smells awesome and take great so be patient cuz I sure wasnt but hey u live and learn wish I could swap some buds with yall good folks of the forum

that’s I think one white widow and purple is purple haze


Ended up with over 350grams on the 1000watt hps


I want to get to1 gramper watt light


Damn! This trim made a really smooth joint


Why so much sugar leaf?


one day and drop from 23 grams to 7. Let see how much weight is lost when we are at the dry weight of a twig snap


80% is a good guess. 100 grams, trimmed and wet, should net you at least 20 grams.


It’s good smoke as you see you smoked a trim joint well that trim can stay on the bud you know


Yai understand. I just think they look better trimmed lol


It’s a spiral can u see it?


I hate being out of likes.


I gotcha. Thanks


I thought they look better trimmed but my buddy didn’t trim shiz and



Lots of color adds to bag appeal with a little leaf left on



What part of the stem is supposed to snap when it’s dry? Cause the thickest part will snap but the middle thinner part still bends. can anyone help me understand? I don’t want to over dry my buds

It’s guess they are almost dry they only lost 2 grams in weight over the last day…???


And from the one nug per cola harvest.


Guess who got lucky?

This guy. I was looking in my colas between the buds just checking things out and I found early stages of bud rot on one of my larger colas…

I took a deep breath. Chopped the whole colas and dropped it in the h2o2 bath…


I’ll be sure to keep the humidity as low as possible from now on. And considering what @peachfuzz said, she’s ripe… Maybe I’ll go ahead and harvest now rather than lose my crop :wink:

Although I may leave my experimental cola for now…

The cola atter quick trim


285 roughly you should get 2 to 2.5ozs nice job on your first go round that’s of what u seen of the color you posted after the bud rot… man doesn’t it hurt your heart that flipping botrytis …I feel for you bro I’m kinda paranoid about it now cuz I know your super diligent with little things here and there and still crept into your damn clean area … wtf really how do you prevent this shit 100%


I could have prevented it buty humidity got out of control a couple days a ago. I’m sure that’s what did it