Auto fem critical purple mainline


No problem pm me in lab


I scrolled up and figured it out :slightly_smiling_face:. Might wait for a special LAB offer to Come by.


looking dynomite @basementstealth


Blueberry auto seedling photos


That’s some nice seedling porn.


Thank you! I love the tenderness of a seedling


Just harvested what I thought was my smallest cola. It will probably be an 1/8 or more when it dries… Lol

My first trim job. How did I do?
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You should get every bit of 5+ grams dry I’d say… and also that is some super duper bro good job man … your fans started doing what mine were doing and I know your super diligent with your ph which in my case I thought it was a ph issue locking out magnesium but I see yours doing the same and its def. not a ph issue with you … did you discontinue cal mag before you started your flush and good job on the trim… that’s good for a personal but a lil sugar leaf left on never hurt anyone …dosen’t change taste much at all


I’ll gonandry and smoke the trim to see how it is. It’s in the oven drying fast. Since it started growing again I’ve been feeding her but I plan to watch her pH and ppm closely. The leaf damage came from the ppm in the soil. The buds I’ll hang for a few days and then probably do a quick finish in the oven I guess I’m having a party soon and I gotta be ready to provide.

If I get 5 grams from that cola then my plant should yield me around 100g dry. Possibly 4zip

Not bad…


My og kush dry weight was 113! I’ll take that every time. Don’t get me wrong I’d take more but satisfied with a Q.


I’m gonna turn my light on 24hours until harvest


Nice looking buds bro. Looks a professional trim. Wait til you have to do lbs at a time lol! It starts to suck.
I wouldn’t quick dry in the oven though. I would suggest trying a sample before you cook all of it


I only cooked the trim to dry it. I also smoked it today. It was fun. The cola is hanging above the light driver to sit in it’s convecting heat. I’m not going to harvest any more for now because I don’t need it. 5 grams will be plenty for this small soiree


Try putting some super glue on the wound. I use it to seal any and all pruning with no ill affects. I’ve found that the node will develop the same as the other side when the plant isn’t expending it’s energy in the area of the wound to seal it etc.


Hey all I just wanted to post an update.

I just harvested one nug from each cola15441609422133017877589205783036

Wet untrimmed1544161064065383865899764805674


:thinking: interesting! … what about aloe Vera on wound …?


I think my fans were due to excess ppm. When I get to flower again I’m gonna use one bloom nute at a time to see if one causes more problems than another. I’ve already ruled out sweet candy


For wound sealing on plants That’s interesting. I’ve seen ppl spray their plants with an aloe Vera spray along with a nicotine brew for bugs and such but I’ve never heard of it being used to seal pruning , trim etc. I’ll look into that. Have you used it ? I think I’ll go trim a couple plants and compare the two. Love experimenting. I use the glue because it’s instant and the plant recognizes a chemical that it contains very slight diff btwn medical glue and super glue. Apologies I’m green cracking and rambling. Grow looks great by the way


Trimmed buds from last night when I took one bud per cola

And here is the small cola after some drying


Nice! Looks awesome :wink: