Auto fem critical purple mainline


I check my pH meter at every use, I’m still jaded from my f cheapo


Lol thanks. I smoked a j harvested from her on Thanksgiving and I was high all day… The rest of the buds are still ripening. It’s gonna be killer


Isn’t that the plant that we were thinking may herm on u? Maybe just leave her alone. No pun in tended😉


Just a post to keep you from getting locked out. :wink:


Lol thanks. I had a run back there. 5 ins a row


Hmm maybe they fixed it



Dude, she looks fucking great!


Wow hommie thumbs fucking up*really intensly**:fu::fu::crazy_face:lol good job dude for real I’m glad we became cyber buddys man that’s a one fi ge salute not a fu#& you


100% chance of :cloud: clouds :cloud: looks good bet it will taste better.


Come on by. Ru in the lab


I am not but leaning towards doing so. Been reading lots of good things on here about there lol


@Midwestnewbie There was a special deal over the summer 20 forum only entry and again a 25 entry last week? I paid for the full lab and grow classes, and I think it’s fair for the price to go up a little. Keep an eye out in 3months for another discounted lab membership


I’m thinking of doing the class as well might as well do both.


I like having all the info, but I get my questioned answered in the forum


Are you gaining a lot from the class?


We have a grow class coming up. So exciting


Check it out she’s turning purple



It is… I’ve also found by cutting the shade leafs back on one side of the stem the nodes grow back slower than with the leaf still attached.

So cutting leaves back to allow light through may help the lower canopy but it’s detrimental to the nodes that you’re cutting the leafs from!.. So is it worth it :thinking:


That’s fucking wicked Base!! Post a J