Auto fem critical purple mainline


Hey basementstealth


Yes basement stealth. May I help you


I’m baked mutha vuka


I drilled her a while ago


U and me both


BTW u can get a cheapo pH pen and keep it in KCL 3M solution and it’s as good as much pricier meters


I ordered blueberry photo and gold leaf.
Which should I drop? Oh I’ll drop both, duh


And what would you say is a good one that YOU HAVE USED I thought you were as new to this growing weed thing then I lol


I need that hands on field data son lol both offence yea I hear the chaos can be good but I had a chepo that was definitely no good so I’m weary now


Ru asking which pH pen have I used? I have an apera. i previously had a cheapo pH meter and it was impossible to calibrate, but had I stored it in KCL 3M it may have worked out fine. But my apera will be inaccurate in the same way if not stored correctly. If a cheap pH pen is stored correctly if should be more accurate than if it is stored incorrectly.


My apera got dry for a bit and now I need to buy more KCL 3M to store it in. Instructions say it’ll bounce back after a bit


Yea I’d like to see who used an accurate cheapo side by side that d be nice


I wasn’t aware of KCL 3M until I got the apera. Maybe give it a try with a cheapo. You know if it is accurate by using a standard pH solution. Premixed I hear is best


Rather not waste on experiments did enough if the first run I’m gonna get either apera or blue lab set


U need standard solutions either way. Otherwise how can u test ur pH meter?


Agreed I wouldn’t be using often just if I see an issue my tap and my nutes give me no issues so I’ll only need to test once in a while dont need to up or down really anything


Newbie here;

Should I consider removing more shady leaves…?


It looks really healthy to me. I’d leave it alone for now. But that’s just by opinion.


Aloe Vera spray :wink:


does this camera make my buds look big?
nah,they were already huge hun…lol