Auto fem critical purple mainline


More than likely. That’s ok. We’ll make it to the Big Table yet…


She looks really nice even with the leaves like that. Id say you’re doing really well. You’re thread has me thinking about doing an all Auto grow in the future.
You drilled her already right?


That’s what I’m thinking to. I’m no celebrity but I’ll definitely post often and I’ll share my thoughts on them. And as long as they work I’ll gladly support them. Heck I’ve told people with small budgets them or Vipar would be my choice. They almost were before I delayed my start to build my own light.


yes she’s drilled. i put straws in the hole


and i flushed her to 600ppm, going to water with ph water and flawless finish until she is ready to chop.


Very Nice! There’s a lot to be said for growing one plant at a time. I’m trying to figure out how the heck Im going to flush these girls (20 gallons) and more importantly where, I have a few options but logistically they are all inconvenient.
Whats w the straws, you did multiple holes?
The Flawless should be interesting, I’m all set with that as well.

Sounds like you’re getting close to chopping day, Cant wait to read your reviews when she’s all cured and all…


i put in straws because ive seen peoples fill the holes with stuff like dowels or whatever. the reason i have two are because one was loose…


Ok, thanks for the explanation, this is all new to me.


I seen a guy on video take butcher knife 10" long shove it it slide the blade down to about a 7 8" slice but before he wrapped string above and below where slice was going to be… the shoved 3 small dowels in at about 2 inch apart so it completly separated the stem for about 7 inches was a massive tree tho


wow, i wont be doing that, but wow. i have thought about drilling another/more holes


Hey all I haven’t updated in a while so here are some photos with my new camera

And my wrist is starting to cramp lol no more bud porn for u


She looks ready to come down.


Ya I thought so too but still so much clear trichs


Well hopefully soon. They sure are frosty


I ppm burned her and after the flush she is growing new leaves… FML lol


Haha when you want them to stop growing they don’t and when you want them to hurry they go slow. These plants sure like to keep ya guessing lol.


Great pictures, she sure is frosty. I agree, all those Trichs are very clear, not even cloudy. Curious to see how long it takes from now to start turning cloudy & then amber.
Very Nice.


What was your last feeding levels if you dont mind me asking


I haven’t fed her in a while I’ll have to check . Right now I’m smoking some of her from Thanksgiving week . It’s been rolled and curing for a week. Very smooth


Sorry brah to get back to u so late
I’m not sure I understand ur question
I have some records from pH and adjustments as well feeds. How much and of when. Some of my notes mention how many drops of pH I used. Early on I didn’t have good measuring equipment I did a lot of blasphemy with nutes. Now that I’ve dialed in my grow I’m gonna try for beauty