Auto fem critical purple mainline


i just checked my runoff ppm for the first time lol it was above 4000. this grow probably would have gone even better if i wasnt poisoning her.


She still creamin’ from the molestation? Lol…


@OldSchoolGrower your the best :joy::joy: if my dad weasent with me all the time I would think you are secretly him lol you guys have identical personalities and things in common with me …wild :joy::joy:


Your comming up on the devils post 666 :no_mouth::no_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre: lololol


Wow, Thank you for the huge compliment. I may just have to come down south for that DNA test. Haven’t been down that way since? Ah never mind. Guess we can talk about that then… Son…


Well my dad with me so you can come on down if you want probably wont have a bad time ha!


Lol. Yeah I wouldn’t mind taking a road trip.


At least you caught it and got it fixed.


here the purple calyx is seen better


I’ve got a scope coming when it gets here I’ll get pictures of my red ones on my red Poison. It’s cool seeing the colorful ones.


which scope did u get? tag me when u take pics of ur red poison


I can look. Its the one that clips onto your phone. Same one that raustin uses.

This one
Huluwa Cellphone Magnifier, Universal 60X-100X Zoom Microscope for Mobile Phone, Portable Clip-on Micro Lens for UV Currency Detectting Biology Jewelry Appraisal


ok! i cant wait to see the photos u get from it


I thought it would’ve shipped out Friday but I guess the holiday slowed them down. Hopefully it’ll be here by middle of the week. I’ll tag you when it comes. It’s got the parts for my bucket to build for the grow off as well.


nice! im so excited for new years ball drop


Me too. Going to be fun. And I’m hoping to hear back from mars as well. Have you heard from them?


i did, they wanted to know about my grow experience and videos ive made. i told them im part of free and paid forums, i post daily, and id be happy to make a video about my grow and review their lights.

they didn’t get back to me. i guess they arent interested in me


Same here. But they said they’d look it over and get back to me then nothing since then.


Yeah haven’t heard any back myself either. Oh well. February will get here and I can do my build.


i sent them another email, i gave them some info like a link to my grow thread. i think they are looking for someone who seems like a grower celebrity