Auto fem critical purple mainline


Sounds good @fano_man . Already ordered it from third party so no prime but hopefully it will get here soon.
Bud Candy should be here friday or saturday at latest.
Thanks for all the good advice & tips.


Yea bud no problem glad I could help like I was helped… tag me into your journal if you got one illtage u in mine as well


You’re more than welcome to visit. Only, how do you create a link to the grow (silly question I know)?.

This is what I was able to do, not like the others I have seen. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


update. she is still flowering. taking her sweet time. here some bud porn


Looks insanely delicious. Really frosted up. How are the trichomes doing, mostly cloudy? any amber?


almost all clear…


That’s a bad ass main! So pretty :star_struck:


thanks grower! this is my first grow ever so ive been nervous


I gotta say I am impressed your more controlled environment is definatley producing superior crop to my first time I think you getting the calimagic and your ph pen and ur up and down put you a few steps a ahead of me i still am yet to get a ph penthats my absolute next purchase i swear i get to the hydro store and i completely forget about it and j spend 100$ on everything but it


yay! my ilgm seeds arrived. im ready to drop Jan 1 fkr the grow off!!


I add 1tsp teaspoon of epsom with a teaspoon of unsulphured molasses during 3rd week and again at preflower I’ll add tablespoon molasses and a touch of epsom which contains mag sulfur etc. Both of these have been used extensively for flowers gardens etc but ya gotta watch your alkalinity or as previously said you’ll get nute and water block


@OldSchoolGrower heres my grow


Made the jump.


its been a cool journey. i discovered im a sadist farmer. yep. so that was interesting. and surprising at first then sensible denial kicks in and all is well


@jshake @KJ scroll up and see the grow i started in Aug. ill be harvesting soon


Check me out bro I’m all cut down and trimmed


btw how do you like how my grow has turned out?


@PhantomFarmer what do you think of the grow?


I’m stunned at how well its turned out. I thought for sure it was stunted when you kept stripping leaves.

I’ll be interested for the dry harvest weight.

Nice job, in any event!


I gotta say you proved how far you can push the limits nice work man