Auto fem critical purple mainline


i went ahead and got flawless finish. arrives friday


You use solely flawless finish at end to extract left over nutes anything else will be defeating its purpose your trying to strip the plant with out starving it completely and it’s for all mediums


you harvested already right?

btw some of my calyces have started to turn purple. im not sure how to help bring out the color. but that’s what i was hoping for when i bought the critical purple.


Thank you, I’m gonna use it when I get to that point. I agree about the poor plant not having anything to eat after the flush and this seems like a very humane (LOL) thing, its the least I can do for all the happiness they will be delivering :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s very cheap to get started with the flawless only about 10 to 15 bucks and you can flush about 20 plants with it roughly


@basementstealth low temperature really activates it …here ya go


I’m kinda confused in your other post that you started the flush with this product you said you added bud candy, cal mag, and slf for flavor isn’t this counterproductive? Seems the flawless finish would negate the others you added?


Yes your right …my plants are struggling tho to make it to term I was feeding very heavy synthetic bloom nutes and last 2 I fed with I ran out of slf 100 which I like to use every feeding every watering it’s a enzymatic flush product as well… I want most of the bloom nutes out like phosphorus and potassium and everything else that isn’t in t he products I added those are you mostly nasty elements you want gone but I added magnesium calcium iron sulfur carbohydrates and amines and a lil N if anything gets used I want it to be what I added and I want the chalated material to grab salt build ups and leave behind the magnesium and stuff used to flavor smell and tric it up one last time before strait flush … probably was a little counter productive but I was trying to target what I had left in my soiled for last week or so


Honestly bro this is my first grow full term and I’m trying things for the first time reslly… j read… deduct and then practice take notes… then discard practice or repeat… trial and error you could say


Yes, the price is fine, to me at least this is a no brainer. Its in my cart!

Nothing ventured nothing lost.


Yea that’s how I felt … look into rhino skin and silica in plants another no brainer as well as bud candy those 3 are essential to take your plant from weed to daaaaammm


Yeah, I saw you mention them previously and they popped up when I was looking at Flawless.
Will check them out on my next grow for sure. Thanks again man.


No problem oh and call. Mag. From GH is a iron fortified product also a must. … my floranova has all 3 but not enough for bad ass plants I’m getting serious crinkle brown tips curling up … u loose leaves … you lose photosynthesis… you lose potency and mass and smell and taste… it’s all relative you cant really do any 1 with out the other with out it being counter productive l iui ke you can give c02 but if your light isn’t there(strong enough) for more photo synthesis pointless… as with anything you need all fields and boxes check your you’ll have an issue in final product I have come to terms with this … yea youll grow weed but I grew weed and I dont even wanna smoke it and I smoke a crap load of weed I got an oz. And a half I wont touch from my pocket punching extravaganza … well it was a few weeks early on 3 plants from some kind of bud browning I’m assuming it was botrytis (bud rot) and I was over crowded and it was jumping plant to plant… took out 30% of my crop and still seems to be in there a little I’m about to take 2 more plants out man really aggravating


Looking forward to when you harvest then. First time around the block myself so not sure what results I will get in the end product but I have not smoked in ages so it will probably be fine for me to get back into it.
I’ve been using the CalMag for a while now along w/ff nutrients but the Advanced Nutrients line looks very enticing.
Pests and bud rot do not sound like fun, I’m trying to be very careful on that end and keep things optimal as much as I can.

I am gathering that AN are Synthetic as opposed to FF which are Organic
Edit: Bud Candy is Organic (gotta read more before posting) :slightly_smiling_face:


Man I thought I had done everything I could to prevent Bud rot because my buddy who got me into growing weed encountered Bud rot and it caused me to go out and buy an AC dehumidifier 2 prevent that but nothing could prevent an overcrowded room besides less plans my room is exposed to elements as I get my fresh air circulated through door cracks from the main entrance into the room then the air makes its way into the gross space passively even with dehumidifier running constantly in South Florida I can’t keep it below 60 some days RH and that is a No-No in flower I have to like seal up this room completely with my favorite product called GE solventless Silicone it is a hundred percent solventless and is the best stuff I’ve ever seen for sealing roof I used to do Roofing and that stuff came with a 10 year warranty so after this flower I’m going to seal up the entire room with several coats of silicone so I can manipulate my climate better


NOw you got my full attention if you did not before. My RH fluctuates quite a bit, at night its 45+ but in the day it can go up quite a bit. My tent is next to a window so I get fresh air, along with what ever humidity is outside but I am going to put my dehumidifier in place this weekend. I’m still at the beginning stage of flower but better safe than sorry.
Domino effect. once the dehum is in place it will raise the temps in the room so gotta keep tweaking as I plod along.


Just ordered Flawless & Bud Candy (I still have 6+ weeks probably).
@fano_man you used Bud Candy and Cal Mag? I ask cause in the bud candy review someone mentioned that it contains mag.


Organic synthetic really doesn’t play much role difference other then a little more break down should be supplemented through a healthy microbial abundant life culture in your soils if using organics …if you dont have a good micro colony to break down organics then I suggest running slf 100 with organics all the time… but i also recommend it for synthetics as well it just makes things super available to your plant as it wants it it’s there for the taking… look into slf 100 it was the first product my hydro store dude gave me a sample of


Another great tip, thank you. It helps with gnats too, and I’ve found a few so, done deal!


I throw 1 ml per gallon with my synth. Floranova bloom good stuff… but I would do a little more per gal. With ff being organic maybe double it or triple it 1ml p gal is lower then recomended… if your using tap water I would use a little more because chlorine kills mircobs good and bad but by whipping clean with tap water and adding slf you are replenishing with good. Bottle says 2ml on one app. And one says 5ml per gal its just a great very very versatile product