Auto fem critical purple mainline


ok im nervous and excited like i was at germination! lol


Looks good @basementstealth in my opinion the stuff from Colorado and Cali that we’re getting here in Midwest is cast off. Most is very throat burning not flushed product that if we were local would complain about. Again my opinion is letting it cure you’ll be above what been floating around. I know that some people I gifted some of my harvests too say it compared favorably and should only get better as I dial in on my skills. Moral is don’t sell yourself short in what your doing.


to be fair its stuff off the top shelf i bought whilst in CA and CO. but thanks for the encouragement. i think the potency will improve over the coming week as the flowers mature. but its already smoother and tastier


This is where flavor and taste are almost added you will get little potency and smell unless your using a regimented secondary nutes program whichever way you play It… I’m finding this out the hard way i ran and got bud candy rhino skin, calimagic and flawless finish …flawless finish I heard alot about here went to hydro store and the guy has been there for me from beginning to end well middle to end and he said the questions and the products I was asking about in the beginning to the questions and products I’m asking about now he said he is very impressed with my knowledge we talked so long was late picking the wife up lol (it was worth it ) any way all the products I mentioned he said you now have everything you need to get a1 crop. But you need flawless finish real soon… that’s a chelted finisher that pulls all well at least 85% of all ppms left in plant when flushing it also has magnesium and sulfur to prevent yellowing and crisping leaves and lot making your plants starve during the flush period as you essentially starving your plants to clean them out which in turn effects end product … supposed to be tastier smaller cleaner non black ash … they even advertise less coughing from your trees take a look bottle was only about 10 12 bucks


The girls are looking great Stealth. You’re almost there.


i still have a lot of white pistils.
correct me if im wrong.

ill wait until all the pistils are dark, then start watching the trichomes. when they are all white and maybe 5% amber i drill the stem and stop nutes, only ph water then, 3 days later i start a 48 hour dark period?


I would look into a finisher like flawless finish instead of strait ph water this stuff actually draws particle out of the plant and leaves em not hungry as plain water it has magnesium sulfate so u won’t get leaf damage as bad so plant continues photosynthesis till t by e end


so if i add epsom salt to my ph water itll work similarly?


Noooo dont do that


It has cheated material which is like a hook waiting to run across a bindable in or atom or what ever the actual terms are but it grabs salts and such and makes em easily flushed and leaves behind mag. Sulf.


I did that with the Epsom salt and had horrible reaction it just dried my leaves out and clawed the shit out of everything over night


it probably depends on concentration. epsom salt is safe for plants in the correct dosage


I under dosed but without other properties it’s like humans and salt water does more dehydrating then hydrating


Just be super careful with it I had bad effects unlike any other screw up I did … that’s all


ok thanks for the heads up


Are you keeping a journal on the lab side to or just here for now?


my second journal is there


im finishing up my previous grow and starting a seedling at the same time


Ah very nice. I’m going to keep my current one here. After its over I’ll start a full one there and a shorter one here.


Hi @fano_man, I looked into it yesterday per your photo. That stuff looks very interesting but reading some of the reviews it seems like its geared for Hydro. Can you use it for soil grows? The directions seem a little vague,
“use 2 ml per Liter during the last week of bloom phase”, Kinda makes it sound like a watering schedule rather than a flushing agent. Can you please clarify this, I’m actually curious about potentially using this on my grow.