Auto fem critical purple mainline


:rofl::joy::grin: I had a feeling that was going to be the case, for myself as well.
Good/Great to hear tho. My grass clippings are harsh as heck and taste horrible :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Looking forward to a smooth toke…with flavor and taste to boot, Wow what a concept.


i can see that after this bud ill never be able to tolerate anything less than nice buds. now im spoiled


update. i switched nutes from ff trio to megacrop. stopped megacrop and im using all the others in the line to finish off my girl. shes ripening nicely. calyces swelling. getting more frosty. pistils drying up a bit


Raising alkalinity and raising pH are the same thing


lol ya i saw that but just let it slide


No they are not the same. Close cousins but they are not the same and are not measured the same way. If I’m not mistaken alkalinity is measured in ppm and ph is an expression of how well the water can conduct or make nutrients etc available I’m sure of this.They compliment each other but they aren’t the same. I don’t understand it all that’s evident. I just want to control my ph with stuff I have on hand but it’s best that I purchase , like everyone or most ppl a known safe ph up when my dolomitic lime peters out thanks. Ok ph measures hydrogen ions and the acidity of the water and it’s ability to conduct etc blah blah but does not measure alkalinity and having a good ph does not necessarily mean your alkalinity is correct. They have two distinct definitions. I’m trying to understand it all. I’m not being argumentive but these are the facts as I’ve read them , if there is literature that says they are the same and should be treated the same way and measured the same way please link me to it. Show me isn’t that what we are all here for ? To learn. What y’all are saying that ph and alkalinity are the same contradicts the literature I’ve read. I know it’s easy to pass off the inquisitive guy asking dumb questions.




lmao and moving on. hows ur grow? im itching to harvest


ru gonna change ur avatar seasonally or keep the halloween theme?


Well see what happens on my birthday this weekend I actually just got bud candy , flawless finish rhino skin, slf 100, and Ali magic from GH… I’m super stoked as I have been struggling with the finishing with u bloom complete nutes… Has everything just not quite enough of em I mean I’m growing weed but it could be prettier no doubt… I’m critical of my self and tend to be a perfectionist and after everyone stops growing weed and moves on to the new cool bad ass thing I’m gonna be working these girls hard …that’s how it was with all my Hobbys I have been truly passionate with… and I still do all my favorite Hobbys I’ve acquired to this day maybe not as often as I’d like but it takes place weather it be skateboarding surfing or fishing I’m 30 yrs old and don’t plan on stopping any of them I can definitely add weed farming to it …I actually had to take another plant down last night I looked like the botrytis had jumped ship and I fear I might be on another I’m trying to now keep every part separate and not let any touch each other I feel that will slow the jumps to plants and even other stalks. I see now that flowers require alot more attention and money then vegetation and I am glad to have got everything I need now to pump out some quality dope here and quit wasting my tinr don’t get me wrong these aren’t horrible I’ve had worse looking and smelling weed so I know I can atleast recoup my bread I put out and get ready for the next go around … I have a little room I’m debating throwing my biggest clone into flower so I an start logging this data for my SOG perpetual to find my happy medium for veg time and come clipping availability where I can replenish army yet not take all yield on small plants by taking the clone


just got an apera combo ph ppm meter, promix, and humidity temp gauge with max and min. i think i have everything i need. now i need a 100foot greenhouse and legalization


first harvest. this small lower cola developed all white trichomes first and so she gets harvested now.

omg my first harvest is coming!!!


Nice @basementstealth looks like your building snowmen!


frosty the snowman bud. do you wanna build a snowman?
im gonna change my name to frosty the snowman.

maybe itll be my farm name. Frosty Farm


Your auto seemed to start flowering ngthe same day I flipped lol were about exactly parallel man


well then, we should compare yield!! but my wife’s birthday is coming up so we r gonna vape the fresh product. my yield will suffer lol


I already lost 2 plants to bud Rot so touche not the whole plant but half and 2 weeks of growth


you are flushing already? is your whole plant with white trichomes?


@raustin how do i finish off this grow? i need the buds to firm up. and compared to some cured colorado and California weed my stuff is weak… will potency and density improve as they ripen?

bud porn!!


Those buds look awesome, but they’re still putting on weight. Give them another week or two and they’ll firm up. Keep doing what you’re doing for now. Once those pistils turn all brown you can start looking at the trichomes and then think about flushing time.