Auto fem critical purple mainline


ya i see that too but what is the significance of the biofungicide? i seems like it would support root health by preventing fungal overgrowth, but im hoping someone on here can comment on the benefits and if its worth the cost


and i cant decide on ph and ppm meters. i think my current meter is accurate maybe, but calibrating it all the time is getting boring. also all the amazon reviews seem misleading


Yeah I’m sure someone knows on the soil. As for meters the cheap ppm seems to work for now. I’d put more money into a better ph meter. When I went to leave a review of the junk ph meter I bought its blocked where you can’t leave reviews. That tells me it’s garbage and they know it.


hmm interesting. ive looked at many meters and apera hanna and bluelab. none have solid amazon reviews… but all three recommended here. also im interested in a combo ph ppm meter with replaceable sensor tip, but its all such a big investment. I want to get something that will make my life easier!


Well I can only speak for the apera I got the p20 to replace my cheapo meter. It’s been dead on accurate right out of the box and hasn’t been off once since I got it.


and u know this by comparison with standard solution?


Yes it comes with two liquid test solutions. All you do is open the lid of the bottle put the tip of the meter right into it. No wasted test solution.


Every bit helps. I hope I’m not coming across as a hard@$$ or too hardheaded. Im just trying to understand why, what , how. I used sodium bicarb thru one grow in the past and had a buildup of alkalinity ( really high). I ph’d my nute water to 6.5.with sodium bicarb and I think cuz it takes so much of it to move a full point. I read a paper this morning describing reactions of Scarb vs Sbicarb , it says Scarb balances both alkalinity and ph while Sbicarb baking soda raises alkalinity while slightly raising ph etc etc. infinity it would seem lol. I’m committed to buying a popular ph up although I still want to understand more about them. I did post a query on thread about ph and was advised against using it and that seems to be the consensus. Thanks everyone who responded.


Both of these Promix’s are good. I use the first one, I’ve never used the second.


you can use lime, mix into your soil before your grow. im not sure the quantity per gallon of soil and its slower than ph up, but more natural and long lasting. i understand what u are trying to do. i just dont have all the answers


1 tablespoon dolomite lime per gallon of soil


hydrated? vs pelletized and pulverized? i cant keep track of the types of lime lol


My well water is 7.2, so I use dolomite pulverized lime. If your water was lower than 6.5 then add hydrated lime.


ginna sample product in my pax3. no drying necessary. this little flower just got cut


im thinking to add lime to my soil because ffof is acidic


She is looking incredible, loved the real close ups of the flowers, beautiful.
Dolomite Lime: I’ve used it this week, on all of them but in particular one of my gals was real low, second round using it and it brought ph up nicely. A little hairy learning this stuff on the fly but its also very exciting but these plants are a lot hardier than I gave them credit for when they was young 'uns.
That bud looks real nice, hope it packs a pleasant hi.


yes sir. very nice euphoric body high, and productive


im excited to try my nute line on my next grow. im using megacrop and their while line. have anyone heard about them?


NicE! and you didnt even cure it, I’d say you’re in for a real pleasant treat.


i cant believe how good it tastes. ive been smoking garbage my whole life