Auto fem critical purple mainline


omg she is smelling so dank and nummy. i actually started salivating. i pulled a cola down by a fan leaf and put my nose right down there on the side. OMG i might have to take a little taste test, just for science



Looking good. She does look nice and yummy!


yours will be even better :):grin:


update. i looked at the trichomes and i think some are getting cloudy. will check daily. but pistils still white… thoughts?

Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones

Patients, more time needed to faten up.
Purrdy though :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you. what are the end game steps? when do i do them?
flush 1 week before, split trunk 4 days before, darkness 48 hours before, then harvest?


They’re hangin in there! You’ve got some weeks to go yet.


is it possible im looking at a late December harvest?


I do at least 7 days for splitting stalk and 48-72 of a dark period. As for the flush, depends on the medium used, but a week before is usually about right. Gives em time to use up the stored nutrients.


and when to split the stalk? when trichomes are 5% amber? or when it all or mostly white cloudy trichomes?


Hard to say… Depends on the high you’re looking to get outta them. Splitting and the dark period speeds up development.


honestly i did some trimming a while back and removed some smaller lower flowers when i did my big defoliation. and i rolled up those premature flowers and smoked them… two hits and im good. im mainly letting the flowers grow now to increase yield and flavor i dont need a ton of potency… so im a little torn. we will see, but unlike most people i dont like getting “too high”. lol which is a phrase that shouldnt exist lmao i know…


Not to question your answer but I can’t find any article that states sodium carbonate will prevent or leach calmag from soil in moderate doses. I have found where in high doses to drinking water it will create an extreme alkalinity leading to calmag buildup on pipes etc and hard water Ive read sodium carbonate will harm plants as any salts , such as sodium bicarbonate etc used in high doses will harm soil and plants but isn’t that what flushing does ? Prevent salts from buildup ? from what I’ve read. I’m unsure about it. Wikipaedia is not for me. I’ll use any legit info but wikipaedia is known for revision etc. I used several search engines and read several studies and all were vague as to direct use for plant water ph use Thanks for your response. I’ll get spend a dollar and get a known safe ph up thanks again


sorry i dont have details. i like wikipedia since i believe they do a decent job verifying info. ever try to post information? they dont make it easy. also i trust the people on here like @raustin. if she says get ph up and down i do it :fist_right::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@garrigan65 whats the meter u were saying is the best of the best

nevermind i found it. Hanna instruments


It’s cool. I’m just a hardhead that should’ve been born in Missouri lol. I’m quite new here and basically a rookie (2yrs serious grow). I had issues with my last grow with nutes. It could very well have been the carbonate I was using although it only took a few particles to raise ph several points it may have prevented uptake or emptied my soil of the calmag ??? I got to find solid answer to satisfy myself🧐thanks man


cool man, good luck. hope you find your answers. maybe search the forum for ph up alternatives


I have used baking soda to raise soil pH and had no ill effects.
2 tsp on top of soil in 3 gal one time. Went from 5.3 to 6.8 in one watering that was 2 or 3 weeks ago when I flipped to flower. I think ppl shy away from it cuz it has a really high ppm and a build up in your soil will cause lock out. You don’t wanna flush unless you have to so I understand their thinking. Worked for me on a one time shot though.
I know it’s not the detailed answer you want but I hope it helps. :v:


im looking at two promix mediums

  1. PREMIER HORTICULTURE 3.8CF Pro Mix HP Biofungicide and Mycorrhizae

2. Premier Horticulture 3.8-CF Pro Mix HP High Porosity with Mycorise

they seem similar. are they? is one better? i usually assume the more expensive version is better, but u never know with amazon these days.


Looks like the only difference I can find is the biofungicide in the top one that the bottom doesn’t have. But I don’t know anything else.