Auto fem critical purple mainline


guess who got upgraded!! it wasn’t hard to assemble, a little nerve wracking due to consequences of a mistake but all is well. and its bright as sh*t

hey mikey i think she likes it


Congratulations, and welcome to the QB club!



thanks @raustin


What ever your doing unde ground keep it up you have explosive growth


i didnt set out to make a point or challenge the norm, but i mainlined and trained the crap out of my auto girl and she is rocking out. im so proud of her. Thanks @fano_man


I read you need to drop the nitrogen down when you go to flower. My veg nut’s were 4-3-3. I stopped that when i started feeding flower. Used GO nut’s. Should i have continued feeding both? @raustin


Well, I like to continue veg nutes during transition because they do a lot of growing during the stretch in those first two weeks of flower, but it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t.


Thanks. They came out great. Just using this forum to get better. GO are low end nute’s. Got to say they did well by the book. @raustin FF next grow for fun. Actually got a small ILGM/ Bergman nute’s to journal also.:sunglasses: That’s why i do it. Its fun


It is fun, isn’t it? It’s all fun!


I’m out of likes. LOL. @raustin​:rofl::sunglasses:


update. flowers continuing to develop. lots of flower sites. im tempted to defol and train the four main colas, but i didnt.

im using my grow light glasses to filter the yellow light for pics.


ok. i have my light. ive started nutes. all seems to be well.

Will defoliation or adjusting the light help increase my quality and yield?

the light is 18/6 and i havent defol in a while, see above photos.

@dbrn32 @raustin @Mr.Indica


She looks really nice. You’re doing a great job. You can take a few fan leaves off if they’re in the way, but not too many.


thanks for saying that, @raustin !! ive been looking up to you as my main grow mentor. im kinda a glutton for approval :slight_smile:

ok would you recommend i clear lower leaves or just thin the upper leaves to uncover flower sights?

ive been leaving the lower large fan leaves because they don’t shade any useful flower sites, they provide some nutrient storage, and photosynthesis
but that leads to another question. should i consider trimming off lower and under developed flowering sites/branches? i have some smaller branches that im thinking wont produce much of anything…
or will they with defol? so many questions, sorry.


I would take some of those leaves on the very bottom that aren’t getting any light, just a few. Then I would take a few leaves on top that are covering potential bud sites. If you have branches that you don’t think will produce then take them off.

This way, you’ll end up with about a dozen really nice colas.


ok ill do it when i get home :slight_smile:


Hi @basementstealth,

I believe that as long as you have a healthy and thriving plant, that defoliation can help increase your yield when growing indoors.

You’re basically allowing light to penetrate further into the canopy as well as reducing chances of mold developing.

I’m a fan, have started defoliation recently and I buy the strategy for indoors.

Did you mainline an auto? Mainlining takes a while to accomplish, I wouldn’t use an auto for this purpose, but regardless, everything looks to be going pretty well for ya.


i also would not mainline an auto, according to everything i understand about Autos, but i was watching videos on youtube where a grower was mainlining autos and i just couldnt help myself. i wanted to try. it is working out fine for now, but who knows about my yield. i may finish with 20g wet!! lol

hopefully not…


Best of luck sir! I’ll be watching to see results.