Auto fem critical purple mainline


hi all! this is my first grow after researching and obsessing for about 20 years. I decided to go with a small tent 2x2x4 with an 800 watt LED (actual is closer to 200 watts) FFOF soil grow, Aerogarden nutes (i know its all wrong, but its what i have on hand), carbon filter, fabric pot, and dehumidifer outside the tent. Running light 24/0 on autoflower fem Critical Purple from Growers Choice.

Germ went fine, seedling sprouted in a couple days and ive been vegging for about 30 days. I just noticed some growth from a node that i didnt want another branch growing from
I removed it and opened it only to find a couple small pistils. Oops. What to do? I ate it.

I have mainlined her above the fourth node (i know I should avoid high stress on autos, but ive been following Green75 on youtube and i like his approach). (edit: i found this guy just searching youtube grow videos, idk if hes on this forim r not) So far im happy. I have no idea what yield to expect, but I dont mind. Im having way too much fun.

I have pics back to seedling, but youve all seen a million pics like that so i thought id share the pics before and after mainlining including some pics during defoliation.

Btw i have the light very close. I keep reading about backing up the light to allow for stretch, but I cant help it, i want to give her a much light as i can. More light is more photosynthesis, right?

Thanks for reading, give me a “like” or constructive feedback if you can. Thanks all and happy growing.

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She looks great so far. Like you said I don’t know if I would mainline an auto but more power to ya :facepunch: mainlining is also my choice of training although I also like to experiment

Sorry to drop pics but thought it was relevant. Good luck and happy growing :v:


shes beautiful!! i hope my girl can look anything like her. Ill post more pics as i journey into flower for the first time.


Just a note: it’s an auto, so you haven’t been vegging her for a month…she’s been flowering for probably 2 weeks.

Stop mainlining. Branches are going to get too stiff soon, plus you’re probably going to severely damage bud sites. You ripped out pistils, deliberately, already. Don’t do that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mainlining takes time that autos just don’t have. It’s going to flower at around 4 to 6 weeks, give or take.


what’s your opinion on defoliation?



I don’t except for decaying leaves or, in rare cases, to accommodate airflow or light. Fan leaves are the solar panels that power your plant. I want as many as I can have.


i pulled the light way back. it seems counter intuitive that i would want to decrease light intensity for more stretch. Is more stretch preferable over light intensity?


Some stretch gives the plant more room between the leaves for air and light to circulate. It’s a balance between a sparse plant and one that is hard to care for and susceptible to mold and mildew.


okay I understand that, but isnt light intensity an important component in growth rate? So, less light intensity would slow growth?


The others are correct you can’t manipulate the veg time in an auto therefore you can’t allow for proper recoup time before the plant starts flowering during stress periods which can cause correlation to THC or Bud density in my opinion LST in autos would be the only option maybe one top ing but that’s it they’re made to just do their thing tie the branches out that’s about it get the light to the center and get the bugs out to the side and you should be fine don’t want to stunt her and have a tiny little low-riding bulshit plant


ok thank you for your recap of the previous replies in this thread. My current question was regarding the benefits and losses of moving the light further away thereby reducing photosynthesis in the hope of causing beneficial stretching. But again thanks for your 2 cents.


It absolutely is important. That’s where the balancing act comes in. Intensity is more important in flower and often growers use more wattage during flower. Lighting is far more complex than watts and really beyond me to comment with any authority. There are a lot of mind numbing lighting threads on here talking about different types of lights, leds, mh, cob, quantum boards, mh, hps.


sometimes information can be worded by a different person differently and it might sink in better if you leave your light Too Close like they said also your nodes will be so tightly packed that your buds will be way too close together not having adequate airflow being you highly susceptible to Bud rot mildew putting the light farther away makes the plant feel that it needs to grow taller to get closer to the light or to get away from whatever is shading it but I was just saying for the future just let the Autos do their thing just make sure all the buds get the same amount of light and they just pretty much do their thing feedwater smoke pretty easy


got it, ill never understand light. lol


Me neither …


so… now i see. It may be difficult to see in the photos but shes is definitely flowering. The little leaf i pulled off before was actually a calyx (am i correct on the vocabulary?) and now there are 4 calices or so on each node, just popped up over night almost.

does that mean I wont have any more veg and just flower? But what does that mean? Will no new nodes grow?


good to learn about all this. Ill start a new grow soon to start the cycle over again. i have 4 critical purple, growers choice seeds left. Ill probably crack the bean in a couple weeks.

then my plan is to leave it alone to veg as much as it can. Maybe do some tie-down lst. Thanks guys


If you stop tying her town, she’ll probably grow up 6" or so. You’ll get some buds for your effort, just not a lot.