Auto Fail Stick a fork in me I'm done!

What’s up with Autos i had the worst luck with Bruce Bannner and Banana Kush Auto’s the one s that did germinate would fail with the seed husk stuck and rot No problems with White Widows but these 2 Strains failed miserably I been at it 35yrs and never dealt with Auto’sd and will not Grow again Are their sum trick to Autos do the seeds have sum kind of coating on them are due I need to just smoke a bowl and get over it ILGM always comes through with making up for it !!

This is true, sorry bout your run with autos, what method are u using? I’ll drop a few drops of h202 in a shot glass filled with water an had purty good luck that way

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Always due the 24 soak then too the paper towel I used to use a few drops of h202 but not on this last run .


When this happened to me I use tweezers and removed the husk. I haven’t grown autos before but if I did I would still do the same thing. I also put a few drops of water on it to help loosen it up.


24hr soak in water. She’ll start to crack. Then plant. Some do the paper towel method for 12hrs after…