Auto duck first grow

Hello this is my first grow ever. I decided to try out my green thumb.I chosen auto duck for my first grow attempt. So far my girl is 3 weeks into flowering and she is loaded with buds everywhere. My girl is only about a foot or so tall but very bushy. I’m feeding her biobizz nutrients and she taken off. I really love this strain because of the odd shaped leaves. And here’s the kicker the smell is non existent, it’s great for a person who didn’t want the world that thier growing


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Your girl looks happy and healthy no smell you say ? Interesting

Ya it’s pretty amazing. It’s been flowering for 3 weeks now and the only way I might get a slight skunk smell if your right on top of her but otherwise it’s pretty low odor

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Nice are there alot of tricombes?
Hard to see in led light

Nothing yet the bud sights are only the thickness of my pinky finger right now. She had about another 6 weeks until she is done. I keep seeing more calix popping out everywhere. I think she is going to explode in the next few weeks. I’ll take some pics in natural light


I have a feeling the smell will be showing up shortly as well Brother she looks good keep up the good work