Auto Day 60 Deficiency?

She is closing in on 9 weeks. Deficiency or starting to flush herself? Plans to start flush when she hits week 9. Last feed was a nutrient feed. GH. 2ml call mag, 3ml micro, 10ml bloom. Ppm in was 850 in and 720 out. Ph 6.6


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Man O man… Look at them nugs… Looking good bro!

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Small but dense. Any ideas on this discoloration that seems to be spreading around. Started in Main cola now doing the same to the surrounding colas


Looks like nutrient burn

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I’m too new to answer that one here’s the chart that shows some issues but I’d agree with @MattyBear

What’s your ph and ppm run off? What nutes are you feeding and when?

6.5-6.6 avg run off. Last feed I put 850ppm in and 720ppm was the reading out. Haven’t had ph issues and in doing 1/2 dosage strength of the GH trio minus the Grow

That’s 130 - whatever your water ppms are. They’re not eating much, I’d just give them ph water and keep a eye on my ppms. For a couple waterings. What week in flower are you? Are you following nute schedule?

It looks kinda like potassium deficiency looking at the chart. If your ph is too low it won’t uptake the P.
Here’s a chart on ph to help you out too.6.5 is the minimum for soil


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Yeah I’ve been following the GH nutrient guide just not full strength. Ph hasn’t dropped below 6.5. That’s why I was stumped. Maybe she just wants/needs full strength of the bloom§

What does your schedule say your ppms should be for this week?

Id say it’s potassium deficiency looking at this picture. Whatcha think? Looks the same

That’s the deficiency I was leaning towards bc the yellow is showing up in the newer growth and its moving from the outside tip and moving inward on the leaf. 1000-1400 is the suggested but I don’t run full strength. Mentality that less is more. Try to keep them from going under 700 ppm and usually feed in the 600-800 range.


Usually a nute/water/water/nute schedule but if I’m going to have problems doing half strength might change to nute/water/nute/water

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I thought that on my Last one so I pumped it up and set myself back weeks. I would go with burn myself. Ppl fresh water in for a couple rounds. It will not hurt


The plan from the get go was 2 week flush. This is suppose to be a 8-9 week seed to harvest strain but like most, I’m adding 2 weeks. In 3 days I start the 9th week. Just going to PH the water (tap) = 100ppm … and proceed with the 2 weeks flush


@Nicky … you grow autos… what’s your opinion

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Hey thanks for the tag. I’m going to agree with @MattyBear looks like nute burn, and @Oldtimer69 was on track whe he was pointing out your plants only have ate 130ppm… The genetics might just not be very nute hungry.

What’s your environmental highs and low’s?
What’s your medium, how is it mixed and what’s all in there? Mayne they have small roots.

I don’t belive it a NPorK deficiency at all to be honest if anything it would be a zinc, but that’s so rare since your feeding micro and in what I assume is soil or coco I would expect to see it more in true hydro.

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FFOF. 75 days 68 nights. Humidity in the 30s. Maybe the nutrients are no longer any good.