Auto-curing machine idea

I’d like to build an auto-curing machine:

  1. Picture a bunch of glass jars full of flower with the lids off
  2. Foam covered board descends to rest on top of the glass jars. Jars are now sealed.
  3. A timer triggers the board to lift, allowing free air exchange in the jars. For bonus points a small fan kicks on and blows horizontally across the tops of the jars for a minute or two.
  4. After some pre-set amount of time the board lowers, once again making an airtight seal

Thoughts? Can someone with mechanical engineering knowledge give a couple tips on how this could be done? I’m pretty mechanically inclined and pretty good with technology. I’m picturing some linear actuators and an arduino or something. The easier the better though.

I’m familiar with the auto curing bucket idea. I’ve built one but because of my low quantity and desire to keep strains separate I got very bad results from the bucket. I believe it’s because there was so little flower and so much air in the bucket.

This has been done a few times by people, using Arduino or Raspberry Pi controllers. It may take some digging, but you should be able to find documentation on how to set one up in the DIY sections at some of the large growing sites, like grasscity, rollitup, or icmag.

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Yeah, this is the bucket I made that I got bad results from… i don’t do enough quantity for a bucket.

I found one of the articles. Go to the DIY section at the autoflower network and look for this title:

DIY Automated Burping / Curing System - Derek Gilman style

Instead of a 5 gallon bucket, the person created a 1 gallon system.

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That’s awesome! Especially if you use smart outlets it gets even better!