Auto Choice, setup and plant count

OK! Planning a first grow an wanted to put my initial ideas out there for someone to comment on. Here’s my assumed equipment list:

4x4 Tent
Cloudline T6
CO2 available if necessary

Indoor grow and temp/humidity should not be a problem,

After going through many grows on youtube I thought I’d settle on Canuck’s organic method or similar. So my initial medium was going to be coco and the time release nutes necessary to be on par with his auto grows.

Strains considered are:

Gorilla Glue Auto
Banana Kush Auto

First questions are:

Are these 2 strains ok to try at the same time in a 4x4?
Should I try to SOG or SCROG these? Best method?
Depending on which method is best, how many plants can I get in here reliably?

Obviously I’d like to get max potential as we all would, just seeking some help on these two strains, which method and how many in a 4x4.

I do plan on keeping liquid nutes on hand should the need arise, cal mag etc in case. Also planning for pests if necessary.

Any thoughts?

One very practical suggestion, test the water before diving in. I would start with one or two plants of the same strain to learn the plant, how they grow, and how to use basic LST training.

If you mean for pH I have a couple pH meters from a saltwater tank I’ll be using, unless you mean test the water as in just try one plant :). I did watch another grower on YT who did the auto gorilla glue, looked like it came out ok although he used a few different mediums rather than just coco and slow release organics.

Test the water is a figure of speech. Yes, I mean one or two plants of the same strain. This simplifies dealing with height differences. Plants with different canopy heights really mess up a grow. One solution is multiple lights. If this is the case, that helps. Another is feeding and reacting to conditions. I have not growth either strain, I personally can’t say what preferences or dislikes they may have, but expect they may not be the same. Again, the fewer variables you have to deal with the first time, I think it improves your chances for success and a positive experience

I may have been looking at this too short term. I may as well pick up a seed mix of 5 each and do 5 plants at a crack one strain at a time. Only recently getting back on board consuming and when I came back I had 1 strain I could get and that’s lasted me a while now. Before that’s gone I’d like to get a harvest in so I can cruise right on into the next run.

I was trying to get two things done at once so my wife can enjoy a strain for her as well as what I would like to try. Haven’t tried much of the new strains out there, have hit a shop an picked up several although I don’t prefer the effects with some of them.

I’ll just do a 5 plant run of the Gorilla Glue Fem rather than auto and try my hand at LST.