Auto Bruce Banner #3 first grow ever

Hello everyone!
So, I always followed this forum but thats my first time posting here.
So here is my Bruce Banner, I wanted to say thats my first time growing so I’d really appreciate some advice.
She is 17days old, Im growing in a biobizz light mix soil and only yesterday I started giving her Big Bloom and Grow Big from foxfarm, 1ml of each for 1L of water. At least thats what I figured out searching on internet.
How do you think is going? Am I doing something wrong? Im keeping trace of humidity and temperature, but im not sure what are the good ranges. Im keeping her beetween 70/60% of humidity (mostly 65%) and 26/28C (80/82F).


Whats going on man I’m a new grower As well and I’m also growing that auto banner… mine are -1 days from seed right now

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I’ve heard that humidity between 70-85 for veg is ok… I kept my temps around 75 and humidity at 78-80 lights on and round 65 lights off

Looks leggy, how high is the light?

I actually know that the humidity range should be between 70/60, and then mine are taking 24h of full light.

Yes, I agree, I used a weak light for 10 days, that’s why it looks so leggy. I think I recovered it, I bought a new one and seems like they are doing good now, if you give another look you can see that after that she didn’t stretch anymore! Btw the light it’s 1around 15cm far.

Here’s an update

Someone told me that the plant could be thirsty cuz I should water all the pot, I used to do that when she was very young and due to that mushrooms popped up and I found some mold on the soil.

23days old, how she looks? I’m not sure, but maybe she is almost ready for the next phase!