Auto blueberry, very little amber trichomes, how do you increase production

was waiting up for the trichomes to turn amber, there’s a lot of resin. Majiktoker suggested i change the light cycle from 18/6 to 10/14. so it was done on january 26. there have been some increase in amber color, but not as much as i would have expected. still hoping more will appear. these are autos but i’m into my 14th week!!! yikes!!! still would not want to harvest in the current state. clear or cloudy trichomes won’t help my spouse’s condition. gotta get that amber color and cbd production. that’s the reason i decided to try roberts’ blueberry. will do a flush later today. then i’ll take some pictures. blue color is increasing.


Drop your light cycle another half hour it wouldn’t hurt it any and will help a little more and it will tell the plant whether she likes it or not to start finishing up

so go to 9 1/2 on and 14 1/2 off?

Yes @mtmakawao, exactly what im saying

okay. will give it a go.

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Keep me posted give it Atleast 3 days before you see any thing noticeable happening

@mtmakawao hey man you have to post some pics, i want to see where you are at compared to mine. mine are freaking covered in trichromes. looks absolutely covered in sugar. cant wait to see them pics bro ill be waiting…

some purple is showing.


Damn man thats awesome! How many weeks are they from seed? And are you lowering the temps at all for the color change? Or is it just happening naturally?

this one sprouted in early november, so it has been awhile. haven’t done anything with the temperature, just messed with the lighting as suggested by Majiktoker. trying to get the amber to appear.

it has been about 6 days since changing the light cycle from 10 on/14 off to 9 1/2 on/14 1/2 off. did not see a noticeable increase in trikes. but there is more purpling of the leaves/buds. any suggestions?

Not off hand any in else got any ideas?

@Lovthegro suggested to add Cha-Ching to the diet. think it is from fox farm. does that help with blooming? this might be a little late in a plants life.

It helps build essential oils, not necessarily provide amber trichomes I use it with some plants and it promotes heavier trichomes but my opinion doesn’t help them amber

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Is this the Cha-Ching you’re speaking of? If so, does that mean it helps with increasing all the oils like the CBD’s that help with the pain?

What about the other two of that trio pack? What are they…Beastie Bloom and Open Sesame?

I was going to use the liquid trio as my commercial nutrients for the ones that aren’t just worm fed. Should I plan on using that powder base trio also?

I know Fox Farms has a dirty dozen pack, or something like that, but I really can’t afford to spend money on extras. The increase in essential oils would be worth the extra money, but what about the other additives?

Gotta increase my terpenes as well…

It does not increase terpines my opinion is use the dissolvable powder. And yes that’s what im speaking of. As for essential oils it does not make it more of a cbd ratio it makes them alot stickier.

The open sesame is to promote new blooms, and the beastie bloomz help the bud swell. If you use all 3 together you get great resin production as well as plant and bud developement.

The essential oils is what gives your plant the really oily look, those plants are good for topical salves @FloridaSon


just an update of what was done for the production of amber trichomes. light cycle was always at 18/6. on jan. 22 changed to 12/12. on jan. 26 changed to 10/14. on feb. 7 changed to 9 1/2 / 14 1/2. all during that time i never did notice any change. full of resin but very little change in color. on feb. 15 went back to original lighting, 18/6. on feb. 24 there was more amber. four days later there was about 50% amber on most of the taller colas, harvested that day, 4 months from sprout for this auto blueberry. not certain if any of the light changes triggered the production. i think it was just her time. mother nature said to mature and she answered. my second one is three weeks younger. i assume harvest time will be the same without switching the light cycle. ended up with 674 grams after trimming. any thoughts?

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@Majiktoker what are your thoughts if i harvested the colas that were ready and waited for the lower buds to fill up with more amber trikes at a different time. i know it is late in the plants life cycle, a little stress wouldn’t hurt it much at this point, right? or is it harvest all or nothing.

@Majiktoker i’m gonna germinate the Industrial Auto CBD by Dinafem next. understand the ratio of thc to cbd is quite high, 1 x 2.5, just what would be good for my spouse.

As long as you dont take much shell be fine