Auto blueberry harvest help

I’m going on week 9 here. Lot of white trichomes but not seeing any amber except on leaves. I have no experience with this strain and keep seeing white pistel growth. Any advice on when to harvest?


Looks to have a couple weeks, minimum. She’ll really fatten up.


@Cali @blackthumbbetty is right on the money like usual few more weeks

What they said above. Let her grow to full bud potential…2 maybe 3 weeks?

Wouldn’t hurt to feed it a little more. Are you using bloom enhancer yet? Now would be a good time.

Ya I’ve been using foxfarm big bloom. I’ll give it another round tomorrow, thanks!

Fed last week, only water today.


I’d give her at least another 3 weeks.

agree you could use more time, but my BBA foxtailed like mad, which i’m seeing in yours as well and those white pistils will just keep coming and coming. i am seeing a few ambers on the buds tho.

Night shot of whole plant

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Yep, still more time. Just grew one of these and it went 13 weeks flower. This was mine about where you’re at:

This was her, what seemed like a year later. I cut her down 2 weeks after this

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Woo nice plant! And doubled in size.

That’s why it’s worth the wait. That was my first auto and a real pain in the ass finish-wise. Just didn’t want to finish.

I love that Cola…:heart_eyes:

looking pretty close now

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I’ve been using neem oil once a week until about 3 weeks ago. Today I found a green caterpillar. Since it looks like the chromes are white I think I will pick in 2 days. Seeing some dark amber starting.


i just smoked my outdoor blueberry! mine looked like it’d been dragged through an apocalypse but it’s probably my second favorite high yet (ok haven’t smoked long). yours is lovely. if mines this good i can only imagine how yours will be!

I cut the cola today. I lost a lot of last year’s best tops to caterpillars. Better safe than sorry. Rest of the plant still needs to ripen. This is after a 3 step bud wash