Auto blueberry done, pain is blocked

my first grow with robert’s auto blueberry. needed for wife’s pain management and anxiety. she really likes it. she uses a vaporizer and is pleased with the results. she has pain in the legs and knees. after using the vaporizer, she notices the pain slowly subsides and eventually is blocked. she knows there is something there, but any pain and tingling sensations are blocked from being felt. ended up with about 170 grams. plenty to give away to whoever needs it. very happy with the result. just took long for the harvest, about 18 weeks from sprout. next grow i’ll try dinafem’s industrial auto cbd. understand the cbd ratio is even higher than the blueberry.


This is awesome to hear! I hope your wife will always be well and pain free!

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Happy your wife is better with cannabis.
What do you intend for industrial dinafem cbd

@Sadica, @Teddy78 thank you, both. the industrial auto cbd has a 1:2 thc/cbd ratio that should be even more effective for pain management. i contacted their website and they said get the trichomes to 50% to be the most effective for my wife’s condition.


Ok. Thanks for info. I will check in the web for this strain.
I hope you will find the best strain for your wife.

Please help I am un able to create a new topic yours is the closest to my situation.

I am a new grower, long time user…lol!!

My question: I am looking to find a strain of marijuana that i can grow indoors through the winter months, and outdoor for spring and summer. I need guidance on a strains that will be best for making pain salves for topical use in relieving the following:

1)SEVERE Chronic Neuropathy pain
2)SEVERE CONSTANT(24/7) Chronic nerve pain due traumatic nerve damage.

I just dont know enough yet to know if I need a high THC, or high CBD producing strain!

Please help!! My father is in such severe pain he talks of suicide. He uses salves made by a friend of mine that truly help relieve the pain but the strains he uses are only indicative of the strains he can pick up for free from locals. Now that I have seen this miraculous and Devine plant, gift him relief from his destructive pain… I am committed to creating a salve from a strain best suited to this specific problem, rather than just rely on radon availability of free strains…if that makes any sense?

So please inform and guide me to the right strain…any and all suggestions welcome. But please include with the suggestion the following:

  1. why do you suggest the strain.
  2. whether it is best grown indoors or out.
  3. if known… any links associated with the strain that you would suggest I read.
  4. any information you feel would be of value to my current situation.


if I am lucky I may be able to convince my father to consume edibles, but he ABSOLUTLEY REFUSES to vape, or smoke…

Thank you in advance for any HELP!
God Bless

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Afghan /gold leaf /chronic widow /Durbin poison / train wreck/ white widow/ there all really good these I know are great

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sorry for the long delay in response to your reply. don’t always check the forum in my off season. i will also be trying to make salves for pain relief. at least i know the blueberry and industrial cbd by dinafem works for my wife using the vaporizer. she said the industrial works better than the blueberry for her pain. we found these transdermal adhesive patches that works great on her legs. and certain creams gives her instant relief. need to find a recipe for the salve and i’ll be using the trimmings and popcorn buds from the blueberry. i grow only autos, because of the convenience of indoors. i strictly been researching auto cbd plants for pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, nerve damage. just placed an order of seeds from two different seed companies. want to see how their cbd plants compare to ilgm and dinafem. my wife suggests your father try the patches and lotions for now, they give instant relief. now that i know someone is listening, i’ll check back more often. let me know,

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Thank you for getting back to me I doesn’t matter how long it took it just as long as you got back to me. I really appreciate your advice. Where would I get those transdermal patches and the South’s that your wife uses now is there a place I can order them from? And do you know are they very expensive? Also I’m going to be using a sativa strain called Truth band. I looked it up and it’s supposed to be really high in CBD. And all of the buds on this strain come out as popcorn buds so I’m going to be using the entire plant trim Buds and everything to make salves for my dad. There is one recipe that a buddy of mine has been using that my dad finds really great relief from. But I believe I can find a better recipe but I will get the recipe from my friend and forward it to you so that you have it to try. Again thank you for getting back to me and please reply with the website or whatever it is that you order those transdermal patches and salves from.

Thank you very much,
Lucas hunt

i’m not certain which country you are in, but i visited the state of nevada, usa. bought those patches and lotions from the dispensaries. have not tried any website yet to see who may carry these products. can’t recall the price list of these products. i just remember two patches we tried. one was made by mary"s medicinals and the other brand was trokie. wife said the mary’s brand did nothing for her. the trokie was a better product. they were larger and you could also cut it in quarter sections to cover a smaller area of the body.

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