Auto and Photo in one tent

Hello. I am growing 7 plants in my 2x2 tent and would like some personal opinions and some questions answered.

It’s a pleasure to be here in the feed and to be expressing my thoughts.

So I have 5 auto white widows in the tent and two have already started to flower in their 5th week.
I have trained 3 and began late LST for another after it shot up huge. These are in 1 gal pots.

I have two females in here as well. A purple punch in a 5 gal pot, and a nameless plant that I am growing. I would like to know the best ways to flip to flower in the most smoothest transition. Besides the thoughts that have been in my head. I would like to allow myself some help from people with more experience.

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First off… WELCOME!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i wanted to be first to say hi. This place is amazing and you’ll find lots of help.

That being said, let me go back and re read your post lol. Girls look good though!

So i guess my first question is regarding the photos you have in the tent as well. How old are they?

You’re going to have a time table issue with harvesting at once maybe. You need to change the lighting on timers to 12/12 to flip the photos. So with some autos already on their way it may be a good time to switch.

Also be prepared to change nute feeding to accommodate the flowering.

Ive always only grown autos only myself. I have a 2x4 tent, and the most Ive attempted at any time is 3 in the tent! Going to be fun to watch SEVEN in a tent HALF the size! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry to say but you might…likely…run out of space. Once they stretch and fill out going to be very tight. Nice plants.


Thats what I’m battling. My TWO photos have filled my tent and theyre only like less than 2 weeks since the flip lol

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Yeah, you’re going to have space issues. Here’s two in a 2x4, and it’s crowded. And I’m finding that the tent sucks in and makes it even smaller. First grow using a tent.


@Dexterado For real. Its my first photo grow and i vegged them probably a bit too long myself.

Thankfully my tent is 8’ tall, but still… two plants is overwhelming me already haha

Also, theyre in 10 gal pots now after transplanting a couple times so thats probably a problem lol

Like i dont even know what I’m going to do in the next buncha weeks haha

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7 plants in a 2x2. I’ll flat out say it. No way in hell. You must like starting seeds.
Can you grow the autos outdoors?
Buy and equip a 4x4
Spread the autos around your place and buy a bunch of lights. This is what I did when I ended up with 5 extra autos.
Select 3 of the best autos and say good bye to the rest.


Thats what i originally thought… like I cant fathom 7 plants in a 2x2 with my own limited experience :joy::joy:



Welcome! I have to echo the sentiment of a few others and say that you’ll be hard pressed to even fit 2 regular sized plants in a two by two.

First things go first, when you flip to flower, anticipate your plants doubling in size. Never veg to more than 50% of the surface area you intent to flower in.

The more plants you decide the fit and flower in such a small growing space, the worse your yield will be. Larger, more mature Cannabis plants produce quality bud. Several little immature ones will not.

I say pick the best ONE, upgrade it to 3 or 5 gallon, and Sparta the rest. Flower one quality plant in the 4 sq ft space you have. I would also recommend topping or training your plants soon, they’re beginning to grow tall without very much side branch growth.


I appreciate your comment and I can definitely see how important managing the space in my tent is. I will definitely dial it down the next harvest :sweat_smile:. I want to keep all my plants. I know it’ll be a stretch though could I possibly create a flowering space for the plant outside of the tent ? These autos are running at about 5 weeks for each of them and I was also wondering if they need less light when they begin flowering as well ?

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I figured the pots would help manage the size of the grow though not so much the size of the nugs themselves.

Also. Has anyone ever used Diatomaceous Earth for their plants ?

2x2 = 1 plant auto or photo.

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Do you have a free closet? Maybe an inside room you can use? Keep the auto in tent. Place the photo in a closet or room. During veg light requirement is much less. Can keepem in veg till auto done. Stick a photo in or 2 and finish them. Photo will stay in veg forever if kept 18/6 light. Can keepem smaller with good pruning. When the auto done…have a couple mature photo to flip. Just options. Welcome to the community by the way.


I can see that as an option for saving them. I do have some spare room that I was thinking of using so there’s a big chance that I’ll do that. I want to let these babies ride for the rest of the way and take what I discover and apply it to my next grow. I will definitely be coming back here for any questions and updates.

All of y’all are awesome. Thank you so much.

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@JoeBill i agree with everyone else… is there anyway to move some outside?

Also i do use DE on my plants it helps with insects and also provides them with silica which help the plants stems and growth. What questions can i help you with on DE?

Also here is a pic of my 3 girls plus a seedling in my 3x3 i think im going to go with a max of 2 next time. The one thats in flower is an auto and shes a siamese. She has filled a good portion of the tent. I kept her matural till i did some lst last week to even her out.

I can not move them outside sadly. Though I can make room for them in a little section of my closet. Your plants look really healthy and full. Everyone’s plants on here look incredible !
I incorporated DE into my soil one time. My question was should I continue to do this repeatedly or just leave what’s already in there ?

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Here is a really good article about it, i learned a ton from reading it…

Your plants are looking great too! This is my first grow and i almost tossed the one thats in flower cause i had messed it up pretty bad…

Ill tag you in my grow journal post and hopefully you can learn something from it. Im so thankful for eveyone in this community.

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Hey thanks so much ! I’ll give it a read and update myself on your grow. This forum has definitely been helpful. Just in the span of a couple hours I got all the help I needed and more. Happy growing to you and your journey !


Best of luck if you do! Just keep in mind that keeping them all jeopardizes your end yield more than I think you realize. I admire your dedication and tenacity, but from one newish grower to another, stubbornness and foolhardiness are not virtues that are rewarded in this hobby.

The vet growers who’ve commented definitely know their stuff and want to help maximize your end yield. I turned a disaster grow into a two pound triumph with the help of the people here.

But hey, do you :man_shrugging:t2: Just remember that from seed to final cure, you’re looking at minimum 5-6 months. Why bother all that work for an ounce or two if you’re lucky?