Auto and feeding schedule

thinking of trying an auto flower in fox farm ocean forest. and feeding with fox farm trio. what would the feeding schedule be and at what strength ? plant might mature in about 8-9 weeks.

It’s been done numerous of times , if you search auto flower grows you’ll find the info you need , @Brian091180 he is doing the exact grow right now with three auto flowers go read the thread and follow .


I use happy frog soil
Just so i can feed ASAP
But yes Fox Farms trio
Mammoth P
Open sesame
The key for autos is this -my experience-
If you use Ocean Forest dont worry about feeding till they start flowering its a hotter
Feeding is 1/4 strength then work up to 3/4
Or if your like me full strength lol and more
Any help i can give let me know

My girls next morning after a 1000ppm feeding and they loved it


thank you yoshi and brian. will try an auto for the first time. will see how it goes.

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There really easy and fast just dont do anything to stress them. Food, light, love, temp, humidity its all very straight forword but ill help anyway i can if you need it

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what are you growing in the pictures? the flowers have popped, so has it been about four weeks?

from your pictures, was there any training involved?

Open Seaseme let there be preflowers ?

Trans-Siberian Auto
Two of them topped one time
The other left as is

Can you put 12 12 lighting on pre flowering in veg😯