Auto Ak 47 second day popping

I don’t have the money for a tent or notes or anything. So I’ve made a super soil/ compost for my medium. Gonna get some coco and perlite to mix into it for the next grow. I know my first plant is stunted, but was wondering if this one looks good. I just noticed it popping out of the soil last night. So I’m calling this day 2 from popping. I’ve also been watching keeping the ph of the water I use at around 6.5 cant check the ppm yet. It’s a very cheap ghetto grow, but i have a pretty good idea of how to do it. Trying to be all organic and have a high and potent yield. Any pointers?


You growing indoors? What kinda light are you using?

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I’m with @Zee. Need more information. 6.5 PH is ok but would be better closer to 6.0. Uptake of minerals and nutrients happens best in soil with PH going in at 5.4-5.8.

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You may want to get the ph of your compost. Do a slurry test and based on what it is, you can adjust the water’s ph to increase / decrease soil ph to its optimum range.
This is the time I hold my breath the most.

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Yea its indoor. I got a full spectrum led. Not exactly sure the spectrum range on it though, but it looks purple and has the red and blue diodes and seems to be working better then another light I was given and tried. My girl got it off Amazon for cheap and it has no model number on it. And it’s pretty small. But working well so far. And the other is also an led but that one had a switch for seedling and another for veg stage. Looked a lot more white and pink then the one I switched it to. And I dont have a ppm or a ph meter to check the soil yet. But I’m about to order both this week. I also am gonna get some coco+perlite and mix it in with the compost I have in a bucket in my back yard. Get ready for the next grow. I’ve got some auto zkittles on the way. Just doing the 2 ak plants for now to get ready and buy more stuff for the next grow. Super broke so I’m putting stuff into it slowly.

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Those are pics from just now at about 10:08 PM and the first was from around noon today to show the growth in those hours. The other pics are to show my light and the spare I’m not using right now. And how much set up is a little. Like I said. Its ghetto. But I’m slowly buying better stuff.

I’m thinking about getting some FFOF soil and mixing it into the soild I’ve been working on with some coffee grounds too. I think it would make it a way better medium. I keep having to push on the sides of the buckets I’m using to get the dirt to move to aerate it a little. So I think adding that before any new plants would make them benefit greatly. Also gonna work on some smart pots. Maybe even order the 8oz kit from a pot for pot. Then mix that stuff in with all my other mixed stuff? Any thoughts on that anyone?

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I also think the other light works a little better on getting the seedlings taller. Might switch the small seedling that just popped up under the other light and keep my 2 week old under the light it’s under now and see what happens.

So the seedling hasn’t grown any taller. I’m gonna try the other light out when I turn the lights back on for the ladies.

Get a +1 addons kit either 2 or 5gal more dirt and grow room. The 1/2 gallon is adorable no doubt but barely worth the time and effort. I also modified their layered technic with rabbit cage bedding for the bottoms 1/3 the souper soil for the middle 1/3 and the coco/ perlite for the top so I can conserve the bought dirt for multiple grows.