Auto 3pack from ilgm

I have a 3 pack of autos I got from ilgm. NL’s, AHaze, Bberry. My AHaze has had 3 photos so far, in 2 grows. Now I just plan on the last 2 to be photos. Anyone else have this experience? Just want to let ilgm kno if it’s more than me! I let them know. Thanks for any help, happy growing, I’m trying!

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What did your sticker say on the seed bag, FP5 or FAP5?

Do I understand correctly… he’s saying that he ordered autos and got photos? My last 3 autos went almost 4 months. Have you grown both before?

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Yes, mgjw is saying that his Amnesia Haze were supposed to be autos and is convinced that they are photos.

I’m finishing a Northern Lights auto grow that is on day 109. I saw on reddit the other day someone doing the same breeder and strain chopped at 126 days! The breeder says lifecycle of 55-65 days. I could’ve done photos in that time.

ILGM says mgjw’s AH auto flowers at 8 weeks but we have no idea the amount of time it’s taking.

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I have triple checked

My first Amnesia haze is still flowering from November 1 when it popped! I thought it was solved when I asked if I should keep it 12/12 or 18/6 and the advice was to give it 18/6. This is my first auto grow so I needed opinions. She still won’t be ready for 2-4 weeks still. It’s messed up both grows now. Was looking forward to bigger harvest, ya know? Oh well at least it’s legal now in Illinois.

Autos are gonna auto! changing your lighting schedule “shouldn’t” screw them up. Just let em go and keep an eye on your trichomes. As long as the plant doesn’t rot you’ll eventually have something to show for it!

I have gotten the wrong seeds before (ordered blueberry auto, got blackberry photos) but they were in the correct packaging. So I’m sure there are instances of seeds being added to the wrong packaging. Guess that begs the question, are they actually amnesia haze?

Hey, it could be worse, they could have turned out to be carrots! I hate hate carrots! :rofl:


If I would have known I would have grown all AH at once. I just wanted to grow the three at the same time for diversity! Lucky I have a smaller second light for seedlings. At least I can let them grow out, instead of a death wish! Chicago is still too cold, otherwise they would go outside! Make due, right.

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Yeah at least I can still get buds not carrots or cabbage!

Screw diversity! Remember that song by the Offspring - you gotta keep 'em separated! :laughing:

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My NL from seeman (LoL) took 110 days… That’s what I mentioned earlier. If you planted end if November that would be right in check with it. I hate carrots too thank God I never got no stinkin carrots… lol

I have a Blackberry Gum auto that broke ground 12/3/19 and she is still showing no signs of even thinking about flowering :v:

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My Auto is blowing my Photo out of the water.

I just up potted the Blackberry Gum to a 10gal pot last weekend. I can’t seem to get any node spacing even with the lights raised all the way up. Probably genetics. :+1: :v:

A lot of times the autos are just slow to flower or recessive.

Actually I am on the third seed now from that pack. I am just treating them as photos and deal with it. At least they popped and are female. No big inconvenience, we need to somehow relax with what’s going on. On that note, I let ilgm now just in case there was a problem they need to check. With that they quickly got me 5 auto AHAZE seeds to fix it! I’m a small grower who might buy seeds 1 or 2 times a year. Ilgm is who I will purchase from now on! Thanks forum and ilgm.