Australian Shipping my experience

Firstly your probably here trolling through like I was to find out how well the shipping to Australia is. Here is my first experience and these guys are the real deal. Your stressing right now? Don’t lol.

After order confirmed as shipped. 3 days my order arrived in tact. No customs because in country. From ordering to arrival less than a week. Had I of known this I would of been like a kid in a candy shop. 3 strains arrived discreetly and well packaged with a au stamp on it n no mention of the sender.

Will I order again? Yes 150%.

Not disclosing my state but expect it quick

Thankyou ilgm you guys rock!!!


Cool post many are concerned about recieving there shipment or about lengthy shipping times. I believe you probably will relieve some worries for our Aussie mates.


That’s what I was aiming for. Couldn’t find the greatest of info when I was looking. Couldn’t believe how good these guys are. Enjoy

Strike rate 100%. No duds

Good stuff mate, definitely going through these guys next time, lost the last two orders through attitude seeds amd current order I’m 6 weeks deep in my wait! Cheers

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24 hrs they were opening up. Unheard of. Definitely worth your while. Best of luck

Hi guys, I’m trying to place my first order but on their shipping page it only lets me select United States as the country to deliver to. How do I put an Australian address in there?

Having same problem

I think they may not ship to Aussie anymore